Meet the celebrity barber of Dubai – Rabi The Barber


Rabi Sfaxi AKA ‘Rabi the Barber’ is one of the world’s most influential celebrity barber from Tunisia. Rabi works in a Salon in Dubai named as ‘Beats and Cuts’. Moreover, he’s proud of himself and is passionate about his profession. He spends most of his time on his shop meeting regular clients and new clients from different nationalities. He enjoys it a lot because he learns new things just by having a conversation with them.

Rabi isn’t like other barbers! He’s a barber and an Instagram popularity as well. He treats his clients with respect and equality. His resilience and hard work have helped him become the best barber in Dubai and he has gained his confidence and successful career in the process. Today, he is a hotshot social media influencer in possession of a gallery that’s filled up with different celebrities.

True style of Rabi

Rabi has described his personal style as sophisticated, gentlemanly! Hear from Rabi’s own mouth, “ I spend my day mostly on the shop I work, meeting regular clients and new clients from different nationalities. I enjoy it a lot because I learn different things and different kinds of stuff just by having a conversation with them. And when I’m off, that’s the time I relax, motivate myself and have fun.

Rabi is today a well-known figure in the beauty business, but when he started out in the industry, hair cutting or being a barber was anything but glamorous. Moreover, Rabi has in his own unique way made a difference in changing the way people look at this profession.

A large part of the grooming and wellness trend that we witness today was absent when Rabi decided he wants to change the way people look. “I can say I’m different than other barbers, by just being me as a barber. I treat my clients with respect and equality, whether you’re popular or not – I assure that you get a hundred per cent of my service.”  The outlook in Dubai was very different from how people perceived the space and that is an opportunity Rabi spotted.

Things started to lookup

Nevertheless, Rabi posted some of his pictures with celebrities onto his Instagram account which included the following clients- Will Smith, Dj Snake, French Montana, Shaggy, Ne-yo, Lil Pump, Anthony Joshua, Wiz Kid, Fabulous, Silento. Imran Khan, Maitregims, Jay Sean, Mr Eazi, Kesi International Footballers- Benatia, Ramirez, Oscar, Januzaj, Lazaro Valentino, Demebele, Zaha, Arnautovic, Aziz Bouhaddouz, etc.
This helped him in growing his social media presence as well. In no time, he started receiving thousands of followers. That is when Rabi made up his mind to opt for social media to showcase his professional work to the whole world.

Call it as a beginners luck or a business sense, Rabi very early on realized that people would need haircuts forever and went about it in an organized manner. In most scenarios, he would train the staff himself. His earlier clientele were mostly youngsters and families who came for a differentiated experience to ‘Beats and Cuts’ salon compared to their neighbourhood parlours.

Rabi’s never died philosophy and a positive attitude has helped him stay relevant amidst growing competition. He does make ‘haircutting’ sound like a very easy thing and maybe for all the method, there is in the space. He’s also been featured on Grandiose Digital Media, RichEndTech, etc.

Conclusion –

Despite the meteoric growth, Rabi says he still loves cutting hair and talking to his clients, because that is the time he gets to understand their real needs and demands. Rabi is planning to have his own branding in the future related to his career. We wish him good luck for his future. As he is on Instagram and you can easily Follow Rabi on Instagram