Metal Picture Frames vs Wooden – how to pick the right one?


Are you looking to get your recently clicked photographs draped in a picture frame? Wondering where you should go with the metal option or pick a wooden one? If that is the case, we are going to help you in this situation. Read this post to get some amazing tips for picking the right option out of metal picture frames and wooden ones. So, let us begin and find which one is better.

Metal Picture Frames vs Wooden

Wooden picture frames

Let us first talk about the option that has been used for framing pictures from the ancient times i.e. wood. Wooden frames are a perfect choice if you want to give your home interior a more classy and traditional look. One of the great things about these options is that you can eventually get custom picture frames made quite easily of wood. And, they can accentuate the décor by harmonizing with the furniture that has been placed in the surrounding.

Whether you are looking for some simple designs or switch to a bit more intricate and creative picture frames, wood is just the perfect material. Wooden frames provide a rich texture to make your images pop up beautifully, and this is the reason they are highly popular.

Metal frames

When compared to the wooden option, a metal frame for picture gives a more contemporary and stylish appeal. According to the experts, metal frames are a more practical choice since wooden options can easily get ruined, over the years. If you are looking to give your home interior a more casual outlook, there’s no better option than metal frames. However, when picking this option you need to be specific with the thickness of the frame. If it is a thin frame, it can easily get lost in the background. People who generally prefer to get a more sophisticated and trendy look go with this option.

As you can see, the comparison between the two is more like comparing two flavours of ice cream. It really depends on what your taste is. Besides that, there are a number of other factors like your home décor, the photograph and your preference that matters a lot. You have to keep all these factors in mind before you eventually select a picture frame. Once you do that you can be certain to have the most amazing artefact for your home that’s going to not just enhance the beauty of your abode. But also will make you relive your favourite moments.


In today’s time, it has become quite easy to print and frame photos thanks to online printing experts like Frames By Mail, but what’s important is that you pick the right frame first. You need to consider you taste, the picture and all the factors that we have mentioned above.

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