Clickmagick Alternatives for Visitor Tracking and Analytics


Are you looking for best Clickmagick Alternatives for tracking clicks? Obviously, you made the right decision to reach QuintDaily for finding the solution for it. Have you ever thought or felt like the tracking system is an outdated one? You will be probably asked yourself about this fact for sure if you are an online marketer. Besides, the online ad tracking, inbound marketing, and the related alternatives, the significance of Clickmagick made a platform for many users. Everyone the users will love the Clickmagick features. Obviously, this is the next level all in one marketing tracker by all means.

ClickMagick Alternatives 2021 and users found the best as per the updates from its users. Before finding the alternatives of Clickmagick, let us see how it is beneficial to the users with a simple Clickmagick login. 

  • Users can able to add retarget any kind of link they want to track.
  • Fraud clicks and the Traffic coming from the location can be easily identified.
  • User can easily track the entire sale report with just a single click.
  • Advertising option for global and thus however wherever you work, this supports with the best. Which means – you work with Google, Microsoft, Linkedin wherever you are. Clickmagick tracks and gets each update and you will find all its benefits.

5 Best most popular Clickmagick Alternatives

There are many reasons – as a reason you are here today for finding the best Alternatives to Clickmagick. Might be you have found benefits in terms of pricing, or even as for the affiliate marketers, alternatives Clickmagick affiliate making benefits. Likewise, as a user, the intention to find the alternate solution will always be different.

Now feel like every click on your fingertips by finding along with its alternatives online. Here are the best 5 popular alternatives that users are now experiencing the same features as Clickmagic.

  2. LinkTrackr
  3. Voluum
  4. ClickMeter
  5. Improvely

Best 5 Clickmagick Alternative in detail


As if you are looking for a cheap Clickmagick Alternative, then is the best. Obviously, you will find the comparison between Clickmagick vs and find enormous similarity and distinct. This alternative software like Clickmagick comes with 2 standard pricing and both sounds beneficial for the users. Moreover, this enables the feature of 30 days trails and as a matter of fact, the users can take advantage of it.trck

Users of can able to find the benefits of automatically track the traffic stats and know where it is coming from. Besides, the auto-tagging feature is the most notable one and overall its a good and cheapest one.

There is no limitation in tracking and the API is made with the best on this software. The manual procedures and the auto process and in combined, this is really finding all benefits to the users like Clickmagick.

  • LinkTrackr

In your search of a Software like Clickmagick, this Link Trackr provides a way to it. Obviously, it does with the features providing and as per the LinkTrack providing a smart interface and user-friendly one.

The feature of cloaking renders the target page inside a full-size iframe to conceal the exact URL of the page, thus however its a step considerably than most operate.


Are you a true Digital PPC marketer and if you wish to track the conversions – no worries, this LinkTrackr is fit with it. Not only on Google PPC ads campaign – Eventhough, but the Facebook also sponsored ads to click and the traffic updates at your hand. find all the benefits of cutting edge network bring with guaranteed results. You can find benefits in 30 days of free trials to know whether it is really super cool software.

  • Voluum

Voluum specially designed and with a One ad tracker, obviously, you will be finding benefits to control all your campaign. Moreover, Voluum is a cloud-based tracking system and which is following the best benefits with the users.

Well, in the support of CPA, CPC as well as in finding several cost model Voluum finding bonuses. Users who going to experience this Clickmagick alternative can able to update link cost manually – whether the traffic source doesn’t support as well.Voluum - Clickmagick Alternative

If you are going for comparison on Clickmagick vs Voluum, you have to think deeply about it. Everyone is looking for obviously Clickmagick alternative free to use. In the sense, moreover, the tracking with Voluum will be carrying out in just 5ms speed and that sounds great.

As it is functioning with a great API which monitors mobile carrier as well as range from the OS, along with city-level geolocation. Well, this is not free to use and the basic cost coming around 69$ and on the basis of the plan, users can able to find level benefits. Even it helps to find the fraud clicks or even the traffic generated.

  • ClickMeter

Obviously, ClickMeter – the next level Clickmagick like software, which encourages users with the same action. No need to worried about the click fraud, where the real traffic from and also if you are missing the broken link latency, this will provide the solution.

ClickMeter redirection is based on the sequential list and even on randomness. Besides, IP tracking, geographic locations, unique visitors action and all easily check with this.

ClickMeter - Clickmagick Alternatives

The product IDs, Conversion values are easily identified and monitored. Moreover, ClickMeter possesses the action of Tracking for timestamp and integration of Google ads is really easier with this. UTM tracking code and the integration of Shopify, Megaphone and all are best here with this. There is no trial version system, but there is the opportunity to find the 30 days money-back guarantee that ClickMeter providing for each user of any plan.

  • Improvely

Improvely is yet another software which performs exactly like ClickMagick and a complete Online marketing tool. Certainly, it is using by tons of online marketers and you can easily track and find the results along with you can easily identify frauds activity.

Google Adwords, Facebooks ads, Taboola likewise many networks can be checked using this. Well, you will able to make a trail of 14 days and in my opinion, in order to find the benefits of tracking.  Try to run the add and place the code on Improvely on first day itself to find the overall benefits. If you didn’t like this in 14 days trails, you can leave and I’m sure, you won’t leave after 14 days of trails.


Conclusion –

Hope you find the top and most trusted best Clickmagick Alternatives for Visitor Tracking and Analytics here. Stay tuned with us for yet another tech tricks and tips and keep in touch for the upcoming news and events.