Five Reasons to choose SEO in COVID-19

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Supply chain interruptions, social distance and closed business: In the Corona crisis, many companies find it difficult to continue operating as usual. For them, this also means sales losses, savings in the marketing budget and thus also SEO.

They are therefore trying to find ways and means to save money. This can mean short-time work for employees, limited customer service or the temporary closure of branch stores. And: Many companies reduce their marketing in order to reduce costs.

While this may make sense in some segments, site operators should do no less for search engine optimization right now. On the contrary, the Corona crisis gives them the opportunity to focus more closely on positioning at Google & Co.

We show how and why companies should focus on SEO right now.

Why can companies score with SEO right now?

How does the corona crisis affect online marketing? That’s why companies can score with the right Local SEO company.

  1. SEO is a long-term project

Site operators have invested a lot of work and thus money in the optimization of online and offline. You have created a workflow that constantly reaches Google and users. This can be done through high-quality posts or social media ads. The result: You have developed a position that guarantees regular sales.

  1. SEO also works separately from campaigns

Many companies combine search engine optimization primarily with the implementation of online marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, there are numerous measures that work separately. These can be technical approaches, such as creating sitemaps, or more holistic approaches, such as improving UX and page speed. Whether companies do this themselves or have it done by an agency – they benefit in the long term.

  1. SEO is a pull marketing channel

Some services are simply less interesting for customers during the coronavirus. However, companies shouldn’t stop SEO. Because: It is a pull marketing channel. This means that site operators should still give users the opportunity to obtain information about their offer. To do this, they must continue to be present on the Internet. Users who are looking for a service during this time should be able to find it as usual.

  1. SEO content is often evergreen content

Content that site operators now create does not have to go unnoticed. Because: If you choose them correctly, you can write evergreen content that is just as important today as it was in a year when the coronavirus disappeared again. Even companies that are particularly badly affected by the coronavirus, such as tour operators, can continue to produce high-quality content.

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  1. Time for better SEO skills

In some industries, many online marketing measures are standing still. This gives site operators the opportunity to use the free capacity for ongoing measures. So, for example, you can work on deepening, improving and testing your SEO skills. This pays off at the latest when the world returns to everyday life and users search for offers online as usual. Because companies then placed themselves better in the SERPs.