Hair care tips under Hijab – All you need to Know


Are you looking forward to knowing some best Haircare tips under Hijab? Although wearing the hijab works to protect hair from harmful sunlight and dust in the air, depriving the hair of ventilation for a long time may threaten its health. To enjoy healthy hair while wearing it, you should follow the advice that we show you to enjoy perfect hair under the hijab.

Combing Hair

Wearing some hijabs may affect their hair, so take care of your hair by combing it twice a day so that it does not dry out.

The material of the hijab

For the comfort of the hair, you should wear a hijab of comfortable materials that allow air to infiltrate the hair. So wear the hijab with cotton materials to give your hair the required comfort and space to infiltrate the hair. When you have to wear a hijab made of other materials, wear a cotton band to protect the hair from the effect of Fabric materials.


Lay your hair under the hijab in the form of a bun so that the other styles do not pull the strands of hair leading to hair loss. Avoid tightening the hijab or narrowing it so that the hair follicles are not affected.


Wearing the headscarf immediately after washing the hair may lead to the appearance of annoying dandruff, so wait until your hair has completely dried and then wear it.


To enjoy healthy and flawless hair, you must take good care of it, such as using products made from natural materials and massaging your scalp in circular motions daily to renew the blood circulation in the scalp and to distribute natural oils to different strands of hair.

On the other hand, many women dream of getting beautiful hair with a sweet aromatic smell. Especially since there are many of them who may suffer from the smell of unpleasant hair. So through the next lines, we will talk about some ways that will help you to obtain perfumed and beautiful hair. Especially as it is known that a woman’s hair is the crown of her beauty and if it has an attractive and beautiful appearance. This will have a positive impact on her mental health and life in general.

Ways to protect your hairs under the hijab

The first way to give your hair the pleasant smell comes after a shower. Where you can dry your hair well, then spray your favourite perfume on the used towel and put it back on your hair for 5 minutes. You will see the result that will really amaze you as you will find your hair fresh and beautiful and with the preferred smell You have.


The other way is to perfume your hair and give it a beautiful scent is by using a little crushed mus. In addition to applying original sticks and any natural flower perfume that you like. Even then mix these ingredients well with a little water, then sprinkle them on wet hair until they cover Your hair is completely removed from the roots as well.