Why choose Soy candles for your home?


Do you know why people are choosing Soy candle for their homes? There are many reasons to prefer handmade soy candles. They are made ecologically and vegan, biodegradable, contains no petroleum, do not release any pollutants, burn longer, and simply smell best. Soy candles are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. We took a closer look at the topic and provided you with the most important knowledge on the topic.

What is soy wax?

Soy wax is a vegetable wax that is obtained from the oil of soybeans. It is produced under hydrogenation, similar to the production of margarine: under high pressure and at high temperature, soybean oil is converted into a wax-like mass.

Why should I choose soy candles?

Compared to other candles, soy candles the UK is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional candles, which are often made from paraffin, a by-product of the oil industry, compared to other candles. This type of soy wax candle is a renewable raw material containing C02 neutral, and 100% biodegradable.

It contains no petroleum, paraffin or palm oil, no pesticides, and no herbicides, no toxic materials, and is not subject to animal testing. For vegans who also have to do without beeswax, the soy melts are the best choice anyway.

Why should I refrain from burning normal candles?

Most candles on the market are made from petroleum. They often contain paraffin, stearin, or other burning accelerators that generate burning gases that are harmful to health. It can contain combustion residues such as PAHs, or heavy metals such as lead and zinc. Antibiotic residues have even been found in the fuel gases from beeswax candles, which have been used in beekeeping. Especially in the living room and bedroom, it is best to only burn candles that are free of harmful substances.

The manufacture and disposal of petroleum-based candles also pollute the environment. In addition, many of these “cheap” candles are produced at the expense of workers, in low-wage countries, and under poor working conditions.

How do the Soy candles burn?

Soy candles burn slower, cooler and therefore have a longer burning time than conventional paraffin candles. As we know that the soy wax has a lower melting point than conventional wax this is the reason for even the spread of fragrance. The liquid wax contains essential oils that evaporate in the air and release the pleasant and soothing properties.

An important advantage of soy wax is the clean, almost soot-free method of burning since it does not contain any synthetic additives. This also means that walls, ceilings, and furniture stay clean.

How do I use soy candles?

Please note: When burning for the first time, please let it burn until the entire surface is liquid. This prevents tunnels from forming. The wick should be shortened to approx. 1 centimetre before each burning process. Keep in mind to never leave the burning soy candles unattended. You should try to keep them out of the reach of children for precaution. Moreover, this soy wax can be washed out of clothing and textiles with hot water and soap. Know more in detail on Soy candle in the upcoming updates and stay tuned for the latest story.