How do I know if my passport is secure?


Before applying for a national identity card or passport, it is important to know if you already have a recent and secure passport (electronic or biometric). Depending on the nature and date of the passport, you will not need to provide the documents related to your marital status and nationality again. Sometimes a vacation ends with the border control at the airport: in some countries, a specific stamp in the passport can cause real problems when entering the country.

In most countries outside the Schengen area, entry and exit are documented with stamps in the passport. They are popular souvenirs for many vacationers. You can also Buy Diplomatic Passport by the following link to this website.

Stamps as collectables

In Internet forums, collectors exchange ideas on how to get hold of a collector’s item despite automated processes. “Some frequent flyers have set themselves the goal of getting a stamp from every country in the world,” says Sebastian Schmidt, Marketing Manager at Visumpoint. The Berlin agency helps business travellers, assembly workers, and tourists to obtain the necessary entry permits.

Stamps cause problems

Stamp notices can also have disadvantages. When entering Israel it is not advisable to have a stamp stamped on your passport. If you visit Arab countries later, such as Iran, Lebanon, or Kuwait, the visa may otherwise lead to a refusal of entry, according to the Federal Foreign Office (AA ). Israeli border officials are therefore refraining from stamping at International Airport and at two border crossings to Egypt and Jordan. Entry cards are used instead.

Use the second pass

Those who use their second passport for Israel can also avoid stricter controls by the Israeli security forces. According to the AA, if there are visas from Arab states or Iran in the passport, a security questionnaire is carried out when entering Israel. Jordan and Egypt are exempt from this rule. Anyone arriving with a stamp or visa from Malaysia, Indonesia, or Sudan must also be prepared for an interview by security forces. You can also Buy Canadian Passport.

How sensible two passports are can also be seen if several stays abroad in visa-requiring countries are planned. A passport is often not enough to get the documents, Schmidt knows: “Those who travel a lot in Russia, the USA, and China often have three or four passports.”

To issue a second travel document, a legitimate interest must be demonstrated in accordance with the passport law. This can consist of temporal overlaps in the visa process. The fact that the applicant is likely to be denied entry to a country because he has previously been in certain countries is also accepted. The passport authority decides.

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Final verdict:

The entry formalities for trips to the USA have been greatly simplified with the introduction of the Esta forms and participation in the so-called Visa Waiver Program. But there are exceptions here too: Anyone who has been in Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, and Iran since 2011 must appear in person at the US embassy in Berlin or in one of the five US consulates and get a visa there request, which will then be sent to him by post.