How to install neodymium magnets correctly?


What is a neodymium magnet?

This is a common type of non-standard magnet. We process the shape and size of these magnets in order to give them the best shape and size that we need. As a result, you can call them processed magnets. Usually, these custom magnets suit the best for custom jobs.

What are the Uses of Neodymium Magnets?

The neodymium magnets are regarded as strongest ever magnets in the world. They are so strong that even a small piece of a neodymium magnet will prove very strong. They, along with china magnet, have a lot of applications in our daily lives in this modern world.

Industries are widely using neodymium magnets in their electrical parts. In the medical field and in the renewable energy sector, these magnets have great applications. They are the basis of most of the latest inventions in our modern world.

We see neodymium magnets in hard disks, audio products, dentures, magnet pumps, door catches, generators, motors, bearings, scanners, system scanners, and much more.

How to install them?

We saw so many applications of neodymium magnets. However, for each of these products, we must hold these magnets in place. For this purpose, we must install them, and the method we should use must be a proper one.

In most applications, we must glue the magnets to the surface. This glue will hold the magnet in its place and won’t allow it to change its position. The first thing that you must consider is to keep the surface clean.

The glue will work better on a clean surface. Even slight dust will weak your glue and will eventually result in your neodymium magnet leaving its place. If there is a little grease like those of fingerprints, you will see that the glue loses its strength.

In the next step, you must scratch the surface before applying the glue. Dust or Zinc usually sticks to the surface of the item where you are applying glue. As a result, glue attaches to the dust instead of the surface. When you scratch the surface a little, you will make sure that the surface is clean now. Be sure to wipe the dust after scratching in order to ensure cleaning.

Now is the time to use the best quality glue available in the market. We will recommend glues like two-part epoxy, cyanoacrylate, and other strong glues.

When it comes to applying the glue, one thing you must remember. It is a type of serious precaution that you must consider whenever you want to glue neodymium magnets. The thing that you must consider is to never apply any hot glue gun over these magnets.


Even mild hot guns are also bad for glueing magnets. The reason for hot glue guns is that they demagnetize your magnets. As a result, your magnet loses its attraction properties. So, when you use a hot glue gun, your magnet becomes useless for you. Some people think that mild heat guns are not bad for neodymium magnets. However, even a slight heat is not good for them. With these simple precautions, you will make sure to install your neodymium magnet properly.