Sales enablement platform transform sales capability


A best sales enablement platform can transform sales capability of the team. In this competitive world to boost sales, sales enablement is much needed. It will help to sell more effectively with information, content, and tools. Therefore, it will successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process. Sales enablement is considered as the boom in the technological world because it modifies the salespeople to conduct a more effective sales process and achieve thus helps the organization to achieve better sales results. Beyond these factors, sales enablement strategy is considered as one of the successful factors because it enhances training, coaching. Implementing the Sales Enablement tools will lift the sales team to analyze key sale strategies and boost overall productivity.

Sales enablement

In this competitive world of sales, sales enablement will shorten ramp time with an amazing onboarding experience that enables reps to succeed. In other words, it is the iterative method of supplying the selling a force with the tools they need to close further transactions. Such services can provide content, software, skills, and facts that can successfully market the product or service to consumers. Therefore, it will automatically assign learning paths based on roles and identify the team’s knowledge and skill gaps.

Sales enablement platform

Sales enablement platforms will design the group that employs a human-centred, person-driven design process to create solutions that bridge the gap between the business goals the user needs. It should be noted that the bad user experience can slow down the sales staff, bring customer service to a crawl, and make it painful for the people to get stuff done. Sales enablement platform is a sales readiness platform built for revenue and enablement leaders to power sales effectively. It will enhance the unique workflow scale and it ensures best-in-class security and performance.

The sales enablement platform serves the very purpose in the sales enablement domain. As tools, the sales enablement platform is there to provide integrated content, training, and coaching services for front-line sales managers along with the entire customer’s buying journey. Specific platforms will enable the sales team to sell effectively with higher velocity.  In simple terms, the platforms provide sales and marketing staff with everything they need to engage with prospective buyers. Therefore, content management, customer management, tracking, marketing tools, system integration are considered as a basic key feature in the sales enablement platform.

User management

It governs over to scale with control across your business and geographies. Therefore, it will help the user to connect with the favourite user directory where it allows seamless login experience for everyone using their favourite directory. Always it has up-to-date rich profile information in custom-defined user profiles. Effortless automated workflow and effective team management added great value to the sales enablement platform. It will personalize learning paths to target specific user-profiles and defines the custom learning paths based on profile and performance. Automated workflows are in the form of setting up coaching workflows and rolling up reports based on hierarchies. Effective team management is to access controls for content development, distribution, and analytics. It will customize different roles that fit organizational structure and processes.

Program management

Program management allows us to create, run, and manage sales enablement programs at scale. It structures and delivers content efficiently and effectively. In program creation and structuring different modules are used to implement sales enablement. Moreover, It includes extensive learning, microlearning, assessment for baselining. Structuring programs are done with series, sections, modules, and organizing the program are by grouping modules into sections inside a series. Program management adds and manages collaborators to create and review program content together with SMEs. One of the main criteria in program management is a program running and tracking.

It assigns relevant programs to reps, and track their progress over time. Even it creates and publishes content on a cadence for ongoing programs, like program updates, Win stories, or Competition updates. However, It manages and automates communication emails. Additionally, manage business rules like ‘Link group to series’ which assign users to a series as soon as they are added to a group.

Content management

Content curation is handled well where it uploads documents, videos, images, gifs, presentation, SCORM content information no matter the size or format is designed. Videos can be created using native content.  It segments the content across all programs into logical chunks. Therefore, it will easily allow us to find and re-use learning content across programs. Besides, content discovery allows reps to discover content with ease through the company’s suggestive search capabilities. Even it enriches content further by adding keywords that deliver accurate results that enable reps to spend more time in front of the customer.

Sales enablement tools

Implementing the right Sales Enablement Tool would give the salespersons the ability to evaluate key selling tactics and improve overall profitability. Seamlessly integrating with all popular business intelligence tools will allow data analyst resources to find correlations between the enablement activities and business outcomes. Therefore, it will report into a central sales productivity dashboard.

Some of those tools are Tableau, Excel, Qlik View, Qlik sense, PowerBI, SAP Hana. In content management tools like Seismic, Highspot, Mediafly, Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive makes it extremely easy to leverage the latest content in enablement. Therefore, using content from any of the most popular cloud drive is made easy. For notification, scheduling, reminder capabilities working with seamless tools like slack, Google calendars, Microsoft 365 calendars, outlook calendars can be used.

It will make communication and calendaring easy. CRM solutions like Salesforce, Veeva, will allow the readiness program to be embedded within a sales rep’s flow of work. Therefore, to ensure the latest information and for automating the learning plan assignment and automatically syncing with the master source of employee data such HRMS or another provider like Microsoft Active Directory Okta, BambooHR, Salesforce, Veeva can be assigned.

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Sales organizations are considering the right sales enablement tool platform as a key factor for successful sales. It is necessary to choose the right tool and platform according to the respective sales organization. MindTickle is a budding company that is excelling in the sales enablement. MindTickle is a sales readiness platform built for revenue and enablement leaders to power sales effectiveness. To achieve peak success in sales, make use of this budding company. As a matter of fact, their strategy and team will satisfy the organization’s needs in all forms.