4 Unique Collector’s Items For Traveling Couples


Travelling to various places is one of the ultimate dreams of couples. We all want to enjoy the best things a beautiful place has to offer with our significant other. When that opportunity comes, everyone intends to savour every second of the trip to paradise and bring home as many souvenirs as possible. 


Whether couples chose to bond with nature, lay down in white beaches of the orient seas, or go for a shopping spree in a pop-culture district, there is always that one thing you can bring home with you as a remembrance of that once in a lifetime travel experience. Frequent wanderers may have no issues identifying what they are, but if you need help as a starter, here’s a list of unique collectors’ items that are excellent for travelling couples.

Complimentary Items From Hotels

Hotels that tourists frequently visit, even budget ones, have sets of freebies you may take home with you, such as toiletries, slippers, pens, notes, postcards, coffee, and more. You may buy some necessities in a convenience store nearby so you can take home these hotel items. You may ask the hotel staff to replenish the free items, especially if you’re staying for a few days. High-end establishments would even gift their guests a monogrammed robe. 


Any complimentary item is OK to take home. But if you’re not sure, ask the hotel staff to and don’t just put them in your bags as that would count as stealing. You will be fined for bringing home hotel items meant to stay in the room, such as towels, pillowcases, blankets, mugs, and more.

Priceless Items You Can Find Anywhere

If you’re off to sunny beaches of Asia or the Pacific’s must-see shores, you might find some unique stones or seashells as you tread their beautiful coasts. You may also bring a small transparent bottle with you where you can store a little white sand from a tropical island you have visited. One of your friends who vacationed in Thailand, Indonesia, or the Philippines may have tried already, so why not do the same?


Want to collect something unique? How about coins or banknotes from the local currency, a maple leaf from Canada, the sachet of condiments from a restaurant, or even printed eco-friendly bags you can get for free?

Some Small Items For Your Wall or Fridge

Fridge magnets are the first that come to mind. If you’re not fond of this overused design, you may consider mug coasters to laminate or frame for wall display. Local maps you bought from a booth is something worth keeping.


For couples who have a goal to travel the world, a scratch-off map may be a motivational design. They can put it in a huge golden frame they can remove easily and get back to it after every world travel they make.

Create A Travel Destination Box

Find small wooden boxes, label it with the place you’ve been, and fill it with all the souvenirs you have found in that place. It is a possible DIY project for couples, but you can find artisan-made boxes in Etsy and other websites.

Turn Your Best Picture Into A Bobblehead Scene

This keepsake may not entirely come from the place you and your partner have been, but it surely can bring back memories. Take plenty of shots, and when you get home, turn the best photo into a bobblehead scene. The bobblehead maker may not complete the entire background but can do their best to copy the face and immortalize that precious moment. 


Find a manufacturer and provide specific details and send a digital copy of the photo you want them to copy. Contact a bobblehead manufacturer now.