Convert JPG to PDF with the Help of an Online Tool


Joint Photographic Format (JPG) is no doubt among the most popular file formats for images. Many people use it because of the advantages it brings to users. However, there are still a lot of users who like to convert their JPG files to PDFs. It’s because the latter are difficult to modify, multi-dimensional, and compatible with various devices and operating systems. 

It will take some time to enumerate the pros of using PDFs, and we’re not here to list them down. This blog article is intended for those who want to know how to convert a JPG file to PDF using the PDFBear JPG to PDF online tool. So, without further ado, here’s a guide to converting your JPG files to PDFs. Take a read! 

Steps on How to Convert JPG to PDF Using PDFBear

Browsing through the vast space we called the internet will surely get you to know plenty of JPG to PDF converters. But if you’re looking for the best online converter today, it’s recommended to use the PDFBear online tool. Here are the five steps that you should follow to convert JPG to PDF using the PDFBear converter. 

  1. Pick your favourite web browser and enter in the address bar to proceed. 
  2. After you’ve entered the site’s homepage, look for the JPG to PDF converter by browsing through the site’s collection of online tools. 
  3. You’ll be in a new web page after clicking the JPG to PDF tool. On this page, there’s a “Select Files” button in the centre. Click that button to upload your JPG file that you want to convert to PDF.
  4. It’s automatic that your JPG file will be converted to PDF upon uploading it. You’ll only have to wait for a few seconds for its completion. 
  5. Once it’s completed, you can now save the PDF to your phone, laptop, or PC. You can also send it via email or share it with people who need the file. 

PDFBear JPG to PDF Converter: Its Advantages

Don’t be too surprised if you find out that there are many users who prefer the PDFBear converter over other online converters. This web-based software is one of the best JPG to PDF conversion tools right now. More and more people are using it because of the advantages it provides them. Here’s a list of benefits if you use PDFBear for converting JPGs to PDFs.

Quick and Convenient Conversion Process

The number one advantage of using the PDFBear JPG to PDF tool is its convenient and fast conversion process. has a simple user interface, which makes it possible for you to convert a JPG image to PDF with just a few clicks in less than a minute. This feature is what makes PDFBear the most preferred online conversion tool today. 

Compatible with Any Gadget or Operating System

Another benefit of utilizing this online converter is that it’s compatible with any gadget or operating system because it’s online. You only need to have a stable internet connection for you to use this online tool. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a phone, laptop, or personal computer. This converter is very accessible! 

You Can Convert Multiple JPG Files to PDFs

If you think that this tool only allows you to convert a JPG image to PDF one by one, you’re wrong. With the PDFBear web-based converter, you can convert multiple JPGs to PDFs in one go.  

The Website is Safe and Secure

It’s just right that you have second thoughts about using online converters you find on the internet, especially if it entails uploading files. You should see to it that the website is secure because hacking and data theft are so rampant right now. 

If you’re using the PDFBear online converter, you won’t have to worry too much about getting your files stolen or leaked. The website has enhanced security through SSL encryption to prevent hackers from having access to your uploaded documents. 

There are Many Tools Available on the Site

Besides the JPG to PDF converter, has Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PDF to PPT, PDF to PNG, and HTML to PDF converters. There are also tools such as Split PDF, Merge PDF, Compress PDF, and Rotate PDF on the site. 


Just visit if you have JPG files that you want to convert to PDFs. The PDFBear converter is very accessible, no hassle to use, and secure. Indeed, it’s among the top online tools you can find nowadays.