Moviemakers buy likes on Instagram and market their movies

Instagram likes

Back in 2016, Instagram had over 500 million active users. Needless to say, that in 2020 the count has increased manifold, and that earns Instagram a higher rank than several other social media platforms. People on Instagram makes more than 95 million posts throughout the day, which leads to 4.2 billion interactions and engagements.Research suggests that the overall adults on Instagram are 26%, and most of them are between 18 and 30 years of age. Hence, movie makers resort to Instagram as a medium of brand communication for their new releases. They can use this platform to share posts from the pre-production stage till the movie release time.

In detail on how Moviemakers buy likes on Instagram?

Promoting a product or movie on Instagram becomes more useful when you have a decent and increasing follower base. It would automatically lead to more “likes” on your post. Today, movie makers are continually competing with others in their niche. Hence, to gain more popularity and appreciation, they often buy likes on Instagram like for certain promotion purposes. There are specialized service providers that can help you buy the number of Instagram likes and followers you want to boost your profile.

Can you use Instagram to promote your movie and other content?

Today, many case studies have proved using Instagram as a promotional platform can yield the best results. For instance, TV Land aimed to promote their brand-new show titled, “Teachers” to the young audiences. After a successful television campaign, TV Land had reported a 21% growth in brand awareness. You can also take reference of the Channel 4, that reached more than 750,000 audiences between the age 18 and 34, with an Instagram campaign for generating a buzz for their brand-new show named, “Gogglebox.”

Hence, one might want to believe that moviemakers can also leverage Instagram’s promotional capacities. Some of the famous movies that used Instagram for their promotion are Pixels, Zoolander 2, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Do you want to market your movie on Instagram? If yes, here’s a check-list that you might want to use at your convenience.

  • Outline your personality

When you are using Instagram marketing, you need to have a distinct voice. People should know your personality and engage with you based on that. As a moviemaker, your brand should reflect authenticity and originality that will attract followers and fans. Hence, ensure that you find your voice and brand signature before you use this social media channel.

  • Begin sharing before the movie release

When you start your movie marketing work before the final release, it will yield the best results. You might want to share the behind the scene shots and images. Share the videos that show your crew had fun on set and the pranks they played on. It will provide a good point of engagement for the users and entertain them as well. It will help to generate a buzz amongst your fans and followers and add a humorous touch to it.

  • Tweak the content

You might want to try to frame your images and content in various ways and templates. From storyboards to animated content, there are plenty of options that you can opt-in. For instance, you can use the Instagram Story and IGTV feature for random updates and interviews. Keep track of the audience’s feedback to understand which promotional technique works best for you.

  • Generate conversations and reply to comments

If you find that some regular fans and followers consistently comment on your posts, you need to reply. Fans and followers loved it when they get acknowledged by moviemakers and other creative artists. You must respond on time; else, they might move to another medium and miss a chance to strike a conversation.

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  • Be aware of the trends

Social media channels have their trends, and moviemakers need to stay updated with it. For instance, “Throwback Thursday” is a popular trend that they can use to make interesting posts about their movies.

  • Partners and influencers

You might want to tag beneficial accounts and get in touch with social influencers to promote the movie. If a social influencer is famous, you interact with their set of fans and followers and introduce your product, which in this case, is the movie. Strike up a useful deal where you can promote each other on Instagram.

  • Inspiration and quotes

Instagram is known for famous quotes from actors, writers, directors, musicians, and the like. These quotes help the fans and followers understand your crew better and resonate with them as well. Also, there can be a few catchphrases by your movie actors and other team members that you can promote with the movie and ask the audience to share their best words and phrases. It will increase audience engagement and help moviemakers get the desired mileage they want. These are a few ways movie makers can add more “likes” and market their product. You can choose the ones you like based on your requirement.