Nature and Benefits of Murivenna, the Healing Oil from the Gods


Ayurvedic medicine is as rich as the country where it came from. India is not only known for its rich culture, but its traditional medicinal system spread from around the world. Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems developed somewhere from 2500 to 500 BC.

The health and lifestyle system was passed down from generations because of its inherent characteristics of combining natural elements and the body’s life forces. As such, Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s primaeval holistic approaches to human health.

Using natural medicine like Murivenna is part of therapeutic oil used in practice. The ancient recipe of Murivenna oil is thought to have been given by the Gods coming from their repository of natural medicine.

A Brief Background of Murivenna Oil

The origins of Murivenna oil is well documented in the traditions of Ayurvedic medicine. The healing oil first appeared in Kerala, a state located in the southwestern region of Malabar Coast. The state is known for its traditional Indian setting where tea trail plantations, pottery, and metal crafting still exists as a leading trade.

The lure of modernism has left the state untouched with the golden hillside, serene backwaters, lush greeneries, and marshlands dominating the countryside. Kerala is also known as “God’s Own Country” for its picturesque and scenic beauty.

Beyond Kerala’s natural wonders, the state is also one of the many contributors to Ayurvedic medicine. The renowned oil, Murivenna, traces its roots to the city-state and is thought to be an ancient gift of the Gods. Murivenna’s name is a mesh of two Malayalam words – Murivu and Enna – meaning wound and oil. So from the combination of words, Ayurvedic oil is used for the healing of wounds.

Understanding the Uses of Murivenna in Traditional Ayurveda

Western medicine may be effective in its form, but they are laden with laboratory-made concoctions made with synthetic chemicals and non-biological formulas. This Ayurvedic medicine combines the natural elements of Sigur Patra kwacha – a deciduous tree, aloe vera, and Karanja Patra.

The renowned oil is not just known to cure non-healing wounds, but it is also effective in treating sprains and bone fractures. The medication is prepared using a coconut oil base and rice water, both known for their cooling properties.

Murivenna is typically used for wounds that are taking more time to heal. It reduces inflammation, which aggravates a person’s condition and is highly effective in reducing pains and swelling. Ayurvedic oil is also used in treating conditions like arthritis pain.

Using Murivenna oil quickens the healing process of wounds because the oil base is rich in antioxidants, collagen, and essential protein. Moringa, aloe vera, and Karanja also contribute to the curative power of Murivenna because they are rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

An Unstained Medicine Passed Down Since the Ancients

Ayurveda is a widely accepted medical alternative because of its use of botanicals and natural ingredients. Most therapies are based on the use of herbal compounds that are intricately formulated and extracted from their natural sources.

The principle of the discipline is based on the philosophies and medical practices of the early people. The longevity of the medical practice speaks for its efficacy and how it benefits the mind, body, and soul. The reductionist approach of western medicine tends to formally separate these forces, making them ineffective in treating the human body and spirit as a whole. Explanatory gaps might be left unexplored with ayurvedic medicine, but their longevity cannot undermine their efficacy in the Indian culture.

Whereas quackery might have come and gone, Ayurvedic medicine and the use of natural therapies and treatment oil like Murivenna remains. The ancients also tried to consider the totality of a person during treatment, something not present in modern medicine.

Exploring the Healing Properties of Murivenna

The agile properties of Murivenna oil gathered from known healing, and anti-inflammatory herbs are what makes it effective. Its therapeutic properties have also been explored to ease the discomforts of joint and back pains, arthritis, bone dislocation, and spondylitis, among others.

As used by the ancients, Murivenna is effective in treating bone-related pathologies and hard-to-heal wounds. Authentic preparations are one of the critical marks you have to see as diluting or putting other non-essential ingredients will likely tamper with its effectiveness.


The Ayurvedic pain relief oil has all the active elements to relieve any discomfort caused by wounds, bone-related issues, and any inflammation. It can be applied or directly massaged to the affected area to promote healing and relieve pain.