Best Day Trading Demo Accounts and Practise Simulators 2020


Today, online trading is in the mainstream. Around the world, over 15 million people already use remote access to financial markets. This year, lockdowns have prompted many to look for alternative sources of income. Forex is nothing new, as it has been around for decades. Demo accounts can help you master this art and become your own boss.

What is a Demo Account?

Demo accounts are offered by all respectable brokers. Steer clear of companies which refuse to provide them. Demos are indispensable for newbies who want to start a trading career.

A demo account is free to create. It unlocks trading software in its demo mode. Think of it as a simulator. The system will mimic real market conditions, so you can see what actual trading looks like. Moreover, you can practice managing positions, setting a stop loss, analysing charts, etc.

Explore all the features of your platform at your own pace, in a risk-free mode. The theory is useless without practice. A simulator is exactly what every neophyte needs.

As virtual money is used, you will not be putting any of your capital at stake. Demo trading is a great way to gain experience. It is also a way to test your brokerage firm. All their services up to scratch? Is your training interrupted by glitches? Do you feel comfortable using the software in general?

Advantages of Demo Trading

Demo accounts allow you to practice with different instruments. Aside from currency pairs, you may access stocks, CFDs, and other options offered by your broker. Safe practice is important for novices and seasoned professionals. Traders who want to diversify can explore different instruments safely.

A decent account allows you to see what trading looks like, but without financial risks. This also means that life experience will feel different. When your actual money is on the line, decisions may be affected by stress and strong emotions. Still, the benefits of a demo trading account are clear. You can:

  • see how different instruments work and compare them;
  • explore trade management features;
  • try different charting aids;
  • look back at your own performance.

Different instruments require different strategies. Stocks, currencies, and CFDs are separate realms of expertise. A demo will help you choose the best assets.

Charts are crucial for analytical work. Users need to learn to switch between timescales, choose technical indicators, etc. Fundamental analysts explore economic calendars, newsfeeds, and other market data. Reviews of past records will help you see which stratagems work best.

Best Demo Accounts Today

These practice offers to deliver all of these benefits. Whichever software you choose, make sure your account is opened by a regulated broker. In India, traders can work through global brands like ForexTime. This company is licensed and authorized by industry watchdogs like the FCA, the FCSA, and the CySEC.

  • MetaTrader 4 Demo Account

This platform is the default option for many Forex neophytes. MetaTrader 4 is a desktop platform, a mobile app and a web-based system — 3 in 1. It is perfect for Forex practice.

Users can use a wide range of technical indicators and price charts. There are support and resistance lines, currency correlations, and more. The system allows backtesting and use of Expert Advisors. Importantly, most brokers make their demo accounts unlimited. Practise at your own pace — there is no rush.

  • Plus500

This system is best for CFD traders. The advantages include high flexibility and cutting-edge software. The demo account is indefinite, and backtesting is also supported.

The platform is also available as an app. Both Android and iOS devices may be used, so you can practice on the go. Download the software from the official website — the process is simple. There is even a special button for switching to the Real Money mode. Finally, the demo account may be reset if necessary.

  • Etoro

This option suits users interested in forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. Register on the official website to receive credentials for both demo and live modes. The demo account does not expire, and it may be reset.

Forex novices may access the simulator through an app. The account also comes with up to €10,000 in virtual money. The interface is sleek and easy to navigate, which is attested by user reviews.

The Best Demos

Every trader’s journey should begin with a demo account. These systems are ideal environments for practical learning. They allow you to explore the trading terminal safely. Some accounts mimic real trading more accurately than others, so make your choice wisely.