How to choose a Browser tool that can Convert Word To PDF?


Working at home means you need to learn a thing or two when it comes to managing PDFs, Word files, Excels, and other file formats. If you have been dealing with them for quite some time, you know that sometimes it can be a nightmare when organizing them. One wrong click and the format can drastically change. Lucky for you, there are in-browser tools that can help you in this aspect. If you are searching for the best PDF tool, look no further! PDFBear is all you need. Here are some of the reasons why PDFBear is the most reliable tool. 

Easy to Navigate Site 

PDFBear is one of the simplest, yet functional online tools that you can ever have. For example, you have to convert Word to PDF in an instant, the website can do it for you in seconds! The best thing about this tool is that it is beginner-friendly. You don’t have to download any app or set up any confusing software to enjoy its features. PDFBear is a cloud-based tool, which means all you need to do is upload the file to the server and wait for PDFBear to do its job. For Word to PDF conversion, it only takes 2 minutes tops to get everything done. PDFBear will also give you a short guide on how to use the tool. With a few clicks, you are going to be a file wizard in no time! 

Safe To Use

PDFBear is one of the safest tools out there. Have you experienced using tools where you need to watch a bunch of ads before you get to do the first step of the process? Yes, we understand that it can be a bit annoying most of the time. Worse, one wrong click on the website may infect your device. With PDFBear, you won’t have to deal with any of that. PDFBear is SSL encrypted. If you are not familiar with this type of security, it is the same kind that banks and government offices use. With this security, no hackers can steal your files and information. You won’t have to worry about your data being compromised. 

PDFBear will also not ask for any personal information about you. You don’t even have to sign up using your email.

Gets The Job Done

Isn’t this the main factor that we look for when it comes to Word to PDF tools? As long as it’s efficient, the site becomes reliable. But the thing with PDFBear is not only that the server is efficient, but it does the job splendidly. Whenever you use the Word to PDF tool, PDFBear keeps the integrity of your Word file during the conversion. PDFBear will do the hard work for you while no memory or CPU is utilized on your end. This website also did a lot of research when it comes to the type of files their users convert, thus, it is guaranteed that you are going to enjoy the best possible settings for your files.

PDFBear has no limits when it comes to the number of file conversions. Unlike other websites, PDFBear will also not put watermarks on your files.

Free and Affordable Plans

The basic features of PDFBear are free! Yes, you can still use the Word To PDF tool free of charge! But if you are the type of person who would like to invest in good reliable tools, PDFBear has more benefits and privileges to enjoy when you become a PDFBear Pro member. The annual fee of PDFBear is $99.99, which is not bad at all considering you’ll get full access to all the features, which are the following:

  • Do unlimited tasks. 
  • You get to upload around ten files per task. 
  • Upload up to 2GB per task. 
  • Enjoy unlimited storage on the server. 
  • Strongest compression with the highest quality for all your files. 
  • Unlimited OCR tasks that are helpful when accurately scanning files when converting.

When you do the math, you are only spending a few cents a day for PDFBear Pro. So what are you waiting for? This website has the testimony of millions of PDFBear Pro users around the world. PDFBear is the only PDF tool that you will ever need.