How to remedy your snoring for a better night’s rest


Snoring is caused by restricted airflow through your nose and mouth during a sleep cycle. Air is trapped on your oesophageal and nasal passages, which increases the frequency of vibration while you breathe.  The vibrations then translate into a loud sound, which is produced as snoring during our sleep.

Snoring is caused by multiple conditions like sleep apnea, obesity and allergies among other health conditions. However, snoring can also be triggered by excess use of alcohol and other stimulants.

The type of snore differs from one person to another depending on the tissues responsible for air block in your airways. If you breathe through your mouth during sleep, you are most likely to be a mouth snorer. This is because of the blockage caused in the soft pallet tissues.  Nasal snorers experience blockage in the nasal passage and a deviated septum.

What’s the remedy for snoring?

Snoring can have major long term consequences on your health. It can affect both you and your family, making the home a stressful environment. You can keep your health and your loved ones safe by looking into remedies to overcome your snoring.  In this article, we focus on practical, easy remedies you can implement to address your snoring without spending too much time and money.

Here are some simple ways to remedy your snoring problem

Change the way you sleep


Sleeping position and patterns do have a major influence on your comfort and will determine if you snore.  People who sleep on their backs are more likely to experience snoring.  The relaxed tongue falls back on your through and blocks your airway. To change this, all you need to do is try sleeping on your sides. Sleeping consistently at the recommended amount of time daily can also boost your resistance to snoring.

Get a humidifier

Humidifiers are known to reduce snoring instances for some individuals. Dry air makes it harder to breathe, which increases the likelihood of vibration when you sleep. The humidifier works by keeping the air moist and comfortable for breathing. If you live in a really cold environment and are interested in cold air, you should look into a vaporizer instead.

For an easier option, try staying hydrated throughout the day. This will keep your tissue membranes moisturised which reduces the chances of vibration in the airway thereby reducing your chances for snoring.

Avoid sleeping pills and alcohol

Stimulants are known to affect the quality and quantity of sleep for many people. Alcohol tends to make the body more relaxed, and this can cause difficulty in breathing while you sleep. Limiting consumption of alcohol as well as other stimulants and sleeping pills to hours before your bedtime will allow you to get ready for bed in time as well as reduce your chances for snoring.

Use an Essential oil

Certain essential oils are known to unblock breathing passages instantly. Essential oils are very powerful and are created from different means; some can be great for sleep too. Furthermore, essential oils like tea tree and lavender offer anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it explains why they are able to unblock breathing airways.

Keep down your weight

weight loss

Sometimes, being overweight can contribute or lead to snoring. Losing a couple of pounds could help you curb the problem.  Individuals who are on the larger side tend to have larger tissues along the oesophageal and nasal region. More tissue increases the likely hood of vibration in the specific areas causing an increases risk of snoring.   Ensure you stay within your recommended BMI for less tissue congestion around breathing areas. To lose weight, seek help from dieticians, nutritionists and weight-loss experts for the best results.

Change your sleeping environment

Unclean sleeping environments can affect the quality and quantity of sleep. Old mattresses have bumps, holes and dents that could leave you tossing and turning at night, interrupting the quality of sleep you get. Ensure you have a comfortable mattress, mattress top beddings and pillows, which you can get from wayfair furniture, for high-quality uninterrupted sleep that prevents snoring and will increase your productivity throughout the day.


Oral anti-snoring devices Nasal strips and anti-snoring pillows help regulate airflow and minimize blockage while sleeping. However, they can only do so much. Without a proper sleep environment, and healthy living, getting rid of your snoring issues may not be easy. Follow the tips above for simple ways to reduce snoring and the health and psychological effects it may have on you.

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