SammyGift review: Best Shanghai Cake Delivery Online shop


During college, I had a teacher whom I respect very much. She was from Shanghai China. She was very kind to me and helped me a lot. In my junior year, she returned to her home country, China, but I was still with her Keep in close contact. The 2nd of last month was her birthday. To express my gratitude to her, I plan to send her a cake.

But I am in Boston, and she is in Shanghai, China. Because I don’t understand Chinese, ordering becomes very difficult. Finally, I find an online shop that can provide a cake ordering service called SammyGift, because they have English webpages and English customer service. So, ordering has become a simple matter.

Their customer service is very friendly. After I explained the situation to her, she recommended me a cake that is very suitable for the elderly and teachers, so under the patient guidance of the customer service, I successfully ordered this cake.

In China, flat peaches symbolize health and longevity, which is exactly what I wanted. The customer service was very friendly, and after I explained the situation to her, she suggested a cake that would be perfect for an elderly person or a teacher. In China, peach is a symbol of longevity and health, which is exactly what I wanted.

I ordered the cake at 10:00 and it was delivered at 12:00. The delivery man was very nice and the packaging was very good. The cake is stable and not deformed, and it’s the first time I’ve seen such a fast delivery, and it was delivered to the teacher’s doorstep.

According to the teacher later took pictures, the fruit and fresh and the same as the picture, the teacher was very happy, I was also very pleased, that day I talked with the teacher a lot, all of a sudden as if back to the original time before my teacher told me that China’s e-commerce development is very rapid, but I did not expect that China’s e-commerce has developed to such a point. This is simply unimaginable in the United States.

Although I couldn’t celebrate my teacher’s birthday with her this year, SammyGift has successfully shown her how much I appreciate her, and I will definitely continue to buy from this store for her birthday next year. If you all have the same needs as I do, don’t miss this store, it’s amazing. First class service and great products. Anyway, this was a really great experience.

I hope my teacher lives a long and healthy life and I will definitely visit you in China someday. At the same time, I would also like to thank SammyGift for this website, your guys provide the best Shanghai cake delivery service, you really helped me a lot.