Ways you can use Instagram Live to Grow Your Followers

Grow Your Instagram Followers

There are many reasons why Instagram has proved to be such a raging success. Apart from being a visually-oriented social media app built for smartphone users and its high rate of engagement, the platform also regularly releases new features that take its appeal and functionality even higher. Instagram Stories and Instagram Live come readily to mind as shining examples of features that have made Instagram an even more exciting destination for marketers to connect with their target audiences.

With videos proven to be far more engaging than any other kind of Instagram content, businesses can use Instagram Live not only to interact with their followers in real-time but also to attract new users and build their follower base. For marketers, wondering how to best use Instagram Live, here are some top examples of what they can do to connect better with their audiences:

To Inform Regarding Product Launches and Updates

According to https://www.statista.com, 42% of smartphone users also use their devices to connect to social media, which means that businesses have a very good opportunity for using social networks like Instagram to get in touch with new users and existing followers to inform them of new product launches or updates and improvements made to existing products. Smart businesses can use Instagram Live to stream videos in real-time covering product announcements and launch events for worldwide publicity. Of course, the number of viewers can be increased significantly by carrying out a promotional campaign informing users of the upcoming event and how they can benefit from it. By making your Instagram videos compelling, you can generate a very high level of interest in the target audience that can be converted to website traffic and sales revenue.

Use Behind-The-Scene Videos for Exclusive Appeal to User Curiosity 

While people use countless products and services in their lives, it is always very entertaining to know what goes on behind-the-scenes in the organizations that bring them these products and services. Irrespective of the business you are engaged in, there are so many things that happen inside your organization that normally customers do not know about. Since this aspect of the business is hidden from them, they are naturally very curious about them and savvy marketers can use this curiosity to engage Instagram users, get Instagram live viewers free, and encourage them to become followers.

You can give them a glimpse of what happens in your manufacturing plant or your service industry so that they not only satisfy their curiosity and connect better with you but also appreciate the scale and complexity of operations that are needed to bring them stuff that they take for granted in everyday life, ranging from potato crisps to hospital critical care units. Ensure you make the Instagram Live content diverse so that nobody gets bored and make sure that you conduct the live streaming according to a pre-determined and well-publicized schedule to give users more opportunities to anticipate and join in.

Conduct Influencer Interviews to Boost the Number of Followers

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to increase brand awareness and engagement among their target audience on Instagram. Since the process of acquiring followers using even the most creative and interesting content on Instagram can be painfully slow, businesses all over the world are increasingly turning to influencer marketing. This is nothing but collaborating with Instagram users, typically celebrities or domain experts, who have a large number of followers for product endorsements. Since the influencers have a high rate of engagement as well as source credibility with their followers, their recommendations result in an upsurge of visits to the brand’s Instagram account and many become followers.

While micro-influencers with a few thousand followers are highly affordable, celebrities with follower counts running to several million can charge thousands of dollars per post. According to https://www.bbc.com/news/business-53261043, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who has 187 million followers charged more than $1 million per post in 2019. Instead of the conventional sponsored posts by the influencer, brands can also think about interviewing the influencer on Instagram Live where the influencer can answer questions by followers in real-time or chat about the product features that he likes or the pain-points that he was able to resolve using the product. To make the live streaming even successful, plan out a promotional campaign across all digital media so that you get more people interested in following you.

Round out your profile totally

At the point when you move to guarantee your image’s profiles on different social-based media websites, ensure you’re rounding out your profiles totally.

In the event that you simply have an organization name with no portrayal, individuals won’t know what’s in store from you, and they most likely won’t wind up following you.

Then again, on the off chance that you have a profile that is totally rounded out, not exclusively will clients have a more prominent volume of more exact data with which to settle on a choice, they’ll additionally observe that you pay attention to your essence.

This is anything but a troublesome or tedious cycle, so there’s no reason not to do it.

Offer the correct content

It’s essential to be steady, but on the other hand, it’s critical to have applicable content for your intended interest group.

Individuals like great content. Particularly these days when there is such a great amount of going on via online media and you need to battle for individuals’ consideration.

Giving your supporters content that is extremely useful and pertinent to them will make them more drew in with the brand through loving, remarking, and sharing your posts.

Also, that will give you a lift through Instagram calculations and assist you with getting more followers and contact new individuals.

Stay in contact with what’s popular right now in your industry and attempt to round out your crowds’ needs as much as could reasonably be expected.

Take an interest in talks that are hugely well known right now and use hashtags that are general notwithstanding your custom-fitted hashtags.


For instance, hashtags like #tbt, #instagood, or #photooftheday are commonly the absolute most famous hashtags utilized on Instagram.

Including them will just make your content contact more individuals of the overall crowd that may fit in your intended interest group or perhaps not however will at any rate like your content.

The visuals must be convincing and the inscriptions with them must be enlightening and elegantly composed.


Due to its live-streaming function, Instagram Live is potentially a very useful marketing tool in the hands of savvy digital marketers for connecting with users and encouraging them to become your followers. In addition to the occasions discussed, businesses can use Instagram Live to cover many more events to allow them to connect to their target audiences better. Some commonly used examples being tutorials and product demos, promotion of upcoming events, exclusive contests incorporating a sense of urgency, and more depending on what your target audience considers interesting, useful, and entertaining.