Bedroom Sets You Should Consider Putting in Your Dream Bedroom Ideas


You just got home, tired from work, and went straight to your room to rest. While lying down on your bed, you observed that your bedroom looks empty and bare. This prompted the memory of your dream bedroom when you were a kid. It was all fun and games, but this got you thinking, “What if I make my dream bedroom a reality?” 

This pushes you to plan and search for bedroom sets that fit what’s on your mind. Luckily, you found this article. So, here’s a list of bedroom sets that you should consider putting in your dream bedroom.

Furniture Of America Nangetti Rustic Wood

If you’re planning to have a room with a simple and cozy theme, then check this set-out. This first bedroom set comes with two pieces, a bed frame, and a side table. The kind of wood material used in making the furniture is light brown and has design markings that emanate a country, rustic feel but still stylish and refined.

The bed frame has a tall headboard with two nooks on the top, while located at the opposite end are two drawers for extra storage. Meanwhile, the side table has a clean, flat surface where you can put a lamp, for example, and an additional two more drawers for the other stuff. 

Kings Brand Furniture Dark Merlot Queen Size Bedroom Set

Are you the type that wants a simple yet sophisticated theme in your bedroom? Take a gander at this set. This queen-sized bedroom collection has a bed frame accompanied by two nightstands and a dresser and mirror chest combination. 

The furniture is made of solid wood and veneers, making it durable and long-lasting. They also have a dark merlot finish. Think of red wine with a tinge of brown mixed in. The color of the items is perfect for light-themed rooms, and the construction provides effortless elegance to the room.

There are also multiple storage areas with this set. The two nightstands have different heights. One has two drawers, which is the right fit for a bedside table, and the other has five drawers, perfect for your items and clothes. The dresser and mirror chest combo has nine drawers and is an excellent place for make-up and retouches. 

GTU Furniture Contemporary Bedroom Set

Do you want your dream bedroom to have a modern and minimalistic vibe? Then it’s a good thing you got a glimpse of this list. From the name itself, this selection has a contemporary style and comes with a queen bed, a mirror and dresser, and a nightstand.

The design of the set has clear cut lines and uses minimalist line handles for the drawers. Wood and dark gray veneers were used to make the entirety of the furniture. The bed’s headboard is divided into five spaces for an open-storage where you can display books or keep your things in reach. 

247SHOPATHOME Bedroom Furniture Sets

If you want your bedroom to look like someone wealthy sleep in it, then this bedroom set might be what you’re looking for. What makes this set different from the rest is the king-sized bed. Along with that are a side table, a drawer, and a dresser with a mirror.

The materials used to make this collection, it’s a robust type of wood and veneers. The first thing you notice with its design is that it is adorned with intricate details, especially on the bed’s headboard and posts and the drawers’ and mirror’s frame. The color of the whole set is a rich, chocolate brown with hints of dark red.

Tuscan II Dark Pine Finish Wood Queen Bedroom Set

Do you want to have a room fit for royalty? If you do, you might want to include this set in your ideas list. This Tuscan II bedroom collection has four pieces that consist of a queen bed, a side table, a chest, and a dresser-mirror fusion.

The furniture is made of varnished dark pine wood, making it shine like it was just waxed. The patterns on the headboard and drawers are elaborate hand carvings that depict a flower-like image. All the handles on the side table, chest, and dresser also have a unique design.

The most significant variation of this set is seen on the bed frame and the mirror. First, the bed frame has tall corner posts similar to what’s found on a princess’s bed. Second, the mirror has two doors that have additional mirrors in them. You can open them and have a three-way mirror on top of the dresser.


Building your dream bedroom takes a lot of time and effort. You have to make plans and blueprints to make sure everything is precise and to your liking. If you already have a rough image of what your room will look like, it won’t hurt to look for more bedroom set ideas that could change what you’ve already imagined and make it better.