Top 7 Android Apps that’s need you in your Daily Life

Top 7 Android Apps

From the year 2000, we have witnessed enormous development in the technical field. With the development of internet networking, new gadgets and new applications are now becoming a part of your daily life.

Promote android apps are now becoming the one prime target of the technical ghost. The promotion of the android becomes popular among the general people also. The android app is now becoming an untouchable part of our daily life.

Now we all use smartphones and technical smart gadgets to smooth out our daily life. The android apps are now just picking their nose in almost every field. Education, travel, medication in everywhere you can spot only the apps. The apps do the task as a human. The error chances are less because the machine does not make any human error.

Artificial intelligence has almost taken down our daily scheduled workload. The apps are only a small part of the new era of artificial intelligence. Even when we want to track our day-to-day time management, calorie intake, travel every field, we are only using android apps.

If you want to listen to music, then the apps will help you to find the desired theme. The fitness app is counting your daily intakes and regular calories burning amount. The apps are helping you to find the proper location without asking anyone. The students can download their study material without wasting any pen and paper.

Here Is The List Of 7 Top Most Popular Time Saver Android Apps.

The seven applications are almost becoming an essential part of our daily life. Without using these apps, even you don’t put one step outside of your home.

1. Vehicle Booking App

Before the era of the apps, new destinations travel required lots of information collections. The traveler has to take almost every information about the available vehicles then they can travel confidently. Now, these problems have practically been solved. Google gives us travel maps. The vehicle booking app helps us to reach the destination point.

The cab booking app gives you the facility to book your cab from anywhere. Not only a car, but you can avail bookings of the small public vehicles also. For example, you can take an Ola and Uber app. They will provide safe and economical rides for you. Just install the app from your smartphones and enjoy the ride.

2. File Sharing App

The file-sharing is becoming easier than previous file sharing methods. Bluetooth sharing is now almost absolute. Bluetooth sharing was taking too much time to share one small file.

Now you can use Share-it or Xender for file sharing. Both are good performers, but Share has too many popup ads. Xender does not popup too much, which is the main reason for its popularity.

Share-it is a cross-platform file sharing app. This quality is helpful when the users want to share the files on different operating system platforms. The sharing work is never interrupted even if the sharing platform is not the same.

3. Food Delivery App

Now the food delivery apps are becoming so popular that the customers stop visiting the restaurants. The food apps are here to help the customers to bring the platters to their home dining table.

The customers do not want to waste their time on traveling and food ordering. They prefer to order food from their home. And then enjoy the meal at their quiet home ambiance. For example, you can install UberEats, goPuff, Grubhub on your android phone and enjoy the meal.

4. Language Translating App

The language is a translating app, another essential important app for communications. Money and time can both be saved by the usage of these apps. Suppose you want to travel to another country, where the official language is unknown. Then what will you do? Do you enroll your name for the new language class? Or you install an app on your smartphones.

I think the language app installation will be the smartest way to solve it. Nowadays it’s easy to use google through the app, or Google can help you with anything you want to search, even The most important question is, how can you get an internship in Google as one of the most fundamental questions most aspirants ask. You need to identify the answer to these questions correctly to develop the right concept about your brand For example, you can take Google to translate, Microsoft translate, BK translate app are some of the most popular translator apps used by us.

5. Fitness And Calories Calculator

To live long, you have to maintain a healthy calculative diet and a good fitness training regime. The fitness app is now becoming our daily need in our regular life. You want a good fit body, but you are not sure about your daily calorie intake, then it becomes almost impossible to achieve the target.

Suppose you want to do a single day cheat diet than who will help you to calculate the calories intake. Here comes the savior! If you open the play store, you can see hundreds of fitness apps and calorie calculators. Choose wisely and enjoy the meal in a relaxing mood without gaining extra calories.

6. Editing The Photo

Photo editing software makes us more professional than before. We all maintain our Facebook, Instagram pages, and personal vlogs. Using these apps, we can achieve almost a professional photo quality without taking other people’s help. Not for any enthusiastic photographers, these apps can be used by anyone.

The photo editing apps have multiple qualities like editing the lighting effects, contrasts management, curves, light exposure, framing, etc. Some of the popular photo editor apps are Google snap seeds, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Express, etc.

7. Music Listing App

Before the usage of the app, you have to store the favorite music in your harddisk. Now is the time to change the view. People nowadays always prefer online streaming videos and music.

Today you can avail of any music through the music apps.

If you like, you can install any official legal music apps also. You can go for the paid service. These authorized music apps do not show many popup ads, Which is the most relived part of the customer’s side.


The smartphone and apps are not almost becoming a predestined part of our daily life. So now we all become fully technically supported by artificially intelligent gadgets. These apps are just the start of one the fast and modern one button press lifestyle. In the future, the technical development of the Os will be responsible for our rapid growth and uncomplicated life.