Using GogoPDF Online Tool to Organize Your PDF Files

GogoPDF Online Tool

The PDF is recognized as the tech world’s most versatile file system. It has made a significant advance in the evolution of data files and is considered long-lasting as it has mastered computer enthusiasts’ demands for the next generation. It has filled the gap of a dream document that can conveniently be exchanged and printed.

PDF files, particularly for corporate organizations, continue to add efficiency and convenience. Despite the immense computer expertise of most individuals, some still could not identify how to optimize the use of these PDFs. It’s tough to admit, but many people find it challenging to handle PDFs while editing their content. Here are several tools for GogoPDF that you can use:

Splitting PDF Files

Another tool for managing your large electronic files is GogoPDF’s split PDF online feature. You may use the PDF split to customize them if your file is comprising many other pages. Separating several pages and storing them as different files will save hard drive space; for online sharing, this will also lead to a smaller file.

If you wish to split pages from others, you may also use the split PDF feature, as they may have distinct functions. Your immediate supervisor, for instance, sent you a PDF for the perusal of your client. Then, you found that some pages in that file are not meant to be there, so you can use split PDF to distinguish the pages from the compiled origin:

  • Find your PDFs and upload them all to the merge tool for PDFs.
  • Look for your PDF documents and upload them to the GogoPDF Split utility.
  • Select the pages you have to separate from your original PDF file.
  • Select to customize and individually export your picked pages.
  • You will be ready to download the split PDF.

Convert Other File Formats to PDF

Turning your regular documents to the portable document format, as described earlier, is a way to more efficiently import, transfer, and print your files. For these types of processes, PDFs have the perfect structure. Also, by transforming your files to PDF, common issues involving webmail limitations can be solved.

The best tool for converting your PDFs is GogoPDF. It can convert almost all the regular files we use every day, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, JPG, etc. Like the split, compress, and merge function, the conversion process is pretty simple. To convert your PDFs, here are the guidelines you must follow:

  • You can choose which form of the file that you want to convert from the GogoPDF homepage. 
  • Look for your file and then drag-and-drop it to the PDF converter tool. 
  • The GogoPDF converter tool can search and convert a file in a few minutes. 
  • They will be available to download your newly converted PDF file.

Merge PDF Files

Because GogoPDF has flexible compress and split PDF features, it is an excellent option for intermediate users of computers who lack PDF handling knowledge. Now, if you have files that need to be merged into a portable document format, then the Merge PDF feature is what you’re after.

Though PDFs are, of course, less editable, GogoPDF has all the tools to make the required changes to your documents. To avoid unnecessary data loss, this step is essential in producing a compilation of records. The merging PDF method is quick and timesaving, similar to splitting and compressing:

  • Find your PDFs and upload them all to the merge tool for PDFs.
  • It will compile your separate documents into one PDF by GogoPDF.
  • After merging with the options available, you can make alterations.
  • Your PDFs will now be merged into one document and ready for download.

Compress PDF Files

Most of us used to operate and connect online in the digital era, including our well-known webmail sites. Hotmail, Gmail, YahooMail, and even business emails have file import and sending restrictions. Files with explicit content and high-graphic images take up a significant amount of room and would be difficult to manage for webmails.

Converting those massive files to a portable document format is the simplest and most practical way to tackle this dilemma. However, if your file has been in PDF format, PDF compression is the best way to deal with this. You could decrease your file’s size by compressing without losing its actual efficiency. Here are the compression steps:

  • Look for your PDF and upload it to the compression tool for GogoPDF. 
  • You can choose from the choices, depending on whatever you need. 
  • The process of analysis and compression will begin and will only take a couple of seconds. 
  • You will now have your freshly compressed PDF ready to be saved.


The digital age focuses mostly on operating on digital files. The comfort that these technological developments will bring is outstanding. Lives are made more available in the digital era where the global web’s influence exists, and anything can be done with only a few clicks. GogoPDF is one place that can assist you with your PDFs. It is essential to know how to use modern digital data to continue to make progress on your road to success.