xHarnel Harnel Matias nova Gomez leading a Gaming Team – Heptick Gaming


Today’s world is full of gaming. Modern technology and things happening in the world are just because of people’s mindset. People involve themselves so much in gaming that this becomes someone’s passion. When a person takes a thing as a passion, it takes him to an extreme level. While listening, it just seems like a piece of cake, but it’s a skill that demands time and practice.

xHarnel is a highly recognized influencer in the video game category. He is the owner and creator of the team called Heptick Gaming. The game aims to increase the number of professional gamers in the Dominican Republic. 

Harnel Matias nova Gomez

xHarnel was born on 9 September in the year 2002 in the Dominican Republic. He grew up in the country of Italy, In the city of Verona. He worked a lot on his gaming skills to make sure he is the best. He has a habit of playing games since his childhood, and after that, he gains proper skill in it.

xHarnel has participated in numerous tournaments and one of them has been victorious, one of these is the Warriors Cup by Papa torneo created in the mobile video game called Garena FREE FIRE, in the North American region. One of these is the Warriors Cup created in the mobile video game called Garena FREE FIRE in the North American region.


Heptick Gaming

Heptick Gaming is a team that is taking part in many tournaments and giving an opportunity to other professionals to take part in it. Heptick Gaming is a competitive team created in the Dominican Republic to increase professional gamers’ growth in the Dominican Republic. The gamers in the universe are making their name by their work. He creates this team to give a fair chance to the audience.  The piece of art they are doing is professional work, and gamers gain a platform through which they can be able to make their place in the gaming world. 

Multi-talented person

xHarnel is a multi-talented person. He has visited many cities just because of his passion for gaming. The gaming world is full of enjoyment and fun. People take part in it and make their way by working more efficiently in it. Currently, xHarnel speaks three languages: Italian, Spanish, and English, to perfection that will help him a lot in his career. Having knowledge of multiple languages makes him more prominent in front of people who belong to another country or speak a different language.  

As An Influencer

Harnel is an influential and professional competitive Latin-speaking video game player and is the team’s owner and creator called Heptick Gaming. He is a highly recognized Influencers in the video game category because he is leading with a passion for gaming of every type.

One of the best in the country, the Dominican Republic, speaks to him, thanks to his competitive team for performing amazingly in front of an audience. He has been able to achieve a large community of boys. These boys want to participate and enter the world of being a player video game professional. 

As an influencer, he makes ways for the youth to contact him through his social media account on Facebook or Instagram. This thing makes it easier for the people of other countries to get him from far away, so keep following him.