Your Essential Guide to Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Art surrounds us in the world. A lot of art came directly from the hands of graphic designers. They develop imagery for businesses, websites, and even books. Yet, many people lack the training of graphic designers who want to develop images, create websites, or make videos. Some of them just want to share pictures online, while others want videos for Instagram or to build a web page to support their small business.

For these people, there is Adobe Spark. It’s a suite of software options that simplifies common art, video, and website building tasks for the user without deep training in those areas. Keep reading for our essential guide to Adobe Spark.

Spark Post

For most people, you’ll start making Adobe Spark projects in Spark Post. Spark Post offers you an essential photo and image editing features. Think of it as Photoshop’s much less difficult to master a younger cousin.
You can pick from themes, colors, or fonts for your images. You all get access to an extensive library of photos provided by Adobe.

Let’s say you wanted to make a certificate of completion for a student. You could make it in spark post using existing templates and graphics in the software. You can also create custom graphics or images for sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Spark Page

In terms of what you can do with Adobe Spark, building a webpage is probably one of the most involved projects. Yet, Spark Page makes it comparatively easy. Instead of building an entire site when you don’t need one, Spark Page lets you create a single page that focuses on one area.

Let’s say that you want a newsletter for your club or business. You can build the newsletter using a provided theme, add elements like columns for text, and import images or graphics from Spark Post.
Then you update the page as necessary.

Spark Video

For many, Spark Video is the main area of interest for their creative projects. Spark Video lets you assemble and edit short videos. Each video clip fits into a slide that supports up to 30 seconds of video content.
If you need more video, you can put additional content into additional slides and enable the continuation in the next slide option.

While you don’t do fancy editing with the software, you can trim for length, add themes to slides, and even add non-video media into slides. For example, you can add photos into a slide along with videos or other graphics.

Adobe Spark Helps Bring Your Design Ideas to Life

While Adobe Spark doesn’t give you the vast number of options provided in more sophisticated software, that is often a good thing. It focuses on essential features you need to take your creative ideas and design ideas from thought to images on the page. Between the three main areas, you can craft images, web pages, and even videos. It’s everything the beginner needs to get started.

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