A Strong Digital Presence Is Needed for Success And Growth In Business: Victor Smushkevich

Victor Smushkevich

With the changes in overall business pattern resulting in the sales growth mainly depending on the status of the digital presence of an entrepreneur, the time now has come to concentrate robustly on SEOS, SMOs and Public Relations.

Making this suggestion, Victor Smushkevich, the Founder and CEO of Tested Media, asks all trading platforms to be more digital-focused as the future outlook of a company cannot turn bright without it.

According to Victor Smushkevich, the social media presence and regular use of digital platforms with the prospective customers now have become a must to optimize the sales, convert trade inquiries into sales and earn a profit.

Tested Media, specializing in the SEOs, SMOs and digital mode of Public Relations, popularized a large number of goods and services eventually turning them into powerful brands over the last 12 years.

Why Tested Media?

Tested Media exposed the products and services among the people through these techniques. These methods made easy access to companies and their products among thousands of people using social media regularly.

Subsequently, the brand of goods and services were focused regularly among prospective buyers. This ultimately led to the creation of loyalty of brands among the people. This method of Victor Smushkevich made SEOs and SMOs acting more as a product campaigner or salesperson than on social media.

This unique system helped the organic growth of a large number of companies. The sales also could be boosted organically. Victor’s innovative idea has proved that social media is the best platform to get repeat clients.

The success of digital media in canvassing for goods and services, getting clients, retaining old clients and increasing the loyalty of people towards a particular company greatly helped a large number of sales organizations to survive during the long spell of lockdowns caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19.

How Victor Smushkevich Helps Entrepreneurs?

Here, it becomes crystal clear that Tested Media of Victor Smushkevich is in a position to help its clients at any circumstances or crisis phases that may grip the world in the future. It is, thus, is a futuristic solution to any problems relating to sales and business growth.

Tested Media’s modus operandi is simply revolutionary. It offers multiple ways to generate business enquiries, create business leads, and easily focus on business deals by being customer-centric through the digital approach.

That is why the success rate of Tested Media continued to remain even during the COVID-19 pandemics. It came as a boon for the startups, new entrants in sales and smaller companies as they could stay in competition well easily during this crisis phase.

Victor Smushkevich Mentors New Entrepreneurs

Broadly speaking, Victor acted and also is acting as a mentor to such new entrepreneurs as they practically have none to support them and often they are forced to grope in darkness regarding the formulation of need-based real-time sales strategy.

This is a phase through which Victor also passed when he first entered into the business. Reminiscing those days, Victor says he wanted to be an independent business owner right from his childhood days. And when he entered into business, he was completely at a loss there were none to guide or mentor him.

But he worked very hard and learned the fact that the digital presence can greatly help him in achieving what he wants. Now that his Tested Media has carved out a place for itself, it is engaged in helping the startups and new business owners in guiding them to optimize sales through the social media platforms.

The necessity of being present digitally arises out of the fact that the whole world now has gone digital with a person spending an average of 3-hours and 15 minutes daily on mobile phones.

The Conclusion

Victor says nothing succeeds like success. But this success comes at the end of a long journey through thick and thins. If the startups, new business owners and already established sales platforms work with the use of the mind, their sales growth is assured.

Instead of beating about the bush regarding their sales strategy, they should concentrate more on ongoing digital. Victor realized its importance when entered into the business after completing his Graduation.

He launched an e-Commerce store in 2009 and learned how to drive traffic to a website and convert that into sales. It prompted him to go for affiliate marketing, where he started running paid ads for clients. Eventually, he started his venture to offer better services to his clients.