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George Edwin Pham

George Edwin Pham grew up in New Zealand. He was born in April in the year 2006 in Timaru, a city in New Zealand. He spent all his childhood in New Zealand and started his high school education at Roncalli College, Timaru.  At the age of only 14 years, he started his own business of Ecommerce in New Zealand. He was born with a creative mind that he utilized from a very young age and worked on his ideas.

He has a broad vision of a good lifestyle and enough passion to live a successful life. As we know that getting success at a very young age is not much easier than we considered but he tastes his success in his teenage years when kids even do not know what they would do in their future. He has a passion for business and gains huge success with the help of his partner in the business. Firstly, he started his online business about fashion, lifestyle, and design. He sells clothes, shoes, health, and beauty products on social media and also earns money doing it.

Online selling:-

When he was only 13 years old, he had a good collection of ideas on earning money and started dreaming about how to make money online. It was his passion and interest. Pham started to watch YouTube videos and spend most of his time watching them. He searched how to make money online through social media and took different ideas from there and start working.

George Edwin Pham at the age of 14 started Entrepreneurship in New Zealand. It is the age of digital business and he knew it very well. Considering the potential of online business, he started online entrepreneurship and sold different products within a week, and attained huge success. He also sells different shoes, clothes, and beauty products online by using different social media platforms.

He started watching online videos of marketing on how to earn on social media. So he gets a huge knowledge of marketing and making money. His mind is all about fashion, style, and design so he uses his creativity to sell clothes, shoes and other lifestyle products online that give him a lot of benefit and experience and he sells more than thousands of products within just days.

About Music:-

He considered music as his passion and worked hard on it. All the depression, happiness, sadness, emotions, feelings all that he expresses through his songs. He shares his feelings with other people, Pham likes to share his life history with others. So, in this way, people will be connected with him and his following list also increases day by day.


George Edwin Pham is the founder of an eCommerce store. His journey of success is a beautiful story of how dreams can become reality. He is very passionate about his career, he started working day and night on fashion, designing, planning, and ideas that would be helpful for him in eCommerce. And his effort becomes fruitful for him in 2020. Now he is working on his plans that are all about discovering new music and working on it. He is passionate about doing something new and good with innovative ideas.

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