Machine learning trends 2021, which will change our future

Machine Learning

Learning something is not enough, you would have to practice the skill you learned in order to achieve something. In this article, we will see some basic machine learning projects that can be used to represent your skills for Machine Learning.

Cool Machine Learning projects for beginners

Some basic machine learning projects can easily be completed by any beginner and after completing those projects, you can get your first internship or even a good job.

Machine learning predictions:

The typical use of machine learning is making predictions. Some algorithms like linear regression allow you to build an efficient model without making so many efforts. The task you have to do efficiently is collecting information to make a base for your predictions.

If you start learning how to apply aggression to solve some real problems, you can build a basic and simple predictor. It is considered good practice for beginners to predict the rising and downfall in stock prices and the same for the Covid – 19 cases. Moreover, if you are looking for something to start your career, you can make a predictive model for anything you feel like.

One thing I will suggest about taking a start, you should choose a field you are interested in and make its predictive model. For example, if you are interested in finance, you can make a predictive model to predict the price changes in stock. This will help you in gaining more knowledge about this finance field.

Sentiment Analysis:

In this part, you try to uncover the emotions that are written and hidden behind the text. Different company analyzes several movies, the viewers feedback about that movie, the number of tickets solved, and following this sentiment analysis, companies discover so many interesting facts. It will take some good practice to build a sentiment analysis model.

Exploratory Analysis:

Search history, images, transactions, and texts are all some examples of unstructured data. When this unstructured data like images, text files are in a huge form, they can become very difficult for humans to understand and manage. Meanwhile, uncovering the pattern in data with the help of machine learning and using those results to define any conclusion can be a good and effective process. Cool machine learning projects will help you a lot.

You can choose any data that you think is suitable for you for exploratory analysis. For example, if you are looking forward to writing down your bachelor thesis, you can use a speech of a woman or a man to search for an effective pattern that can help you. If you are interested in sports, you can search for different history data of past years to build a model that predicts how successful a player or a team will be in the upcoming session.

Social Media Mining:

It is just like exploratory analysis but in this case, you use the reviews and posts from different social media networks like Facebook. For this purpose, you will need to make an algorithm that can parse through the enormous amount of raw data on social media platforms.

Anomaly Detection:

In this process, you need to discover all the harmful threats. This is quite useful in cybercrimes and their security. If you are interested in cybersecurity, you should learn anomaly detection in real-time to study inquiries or suspicious activities. Anomaly detection can also be used in healthcare processes.

Image recognition:

Most people think that image recognition is quite hard to understand. Learning how to use artificial neural networks for real-life tasks is certainly useful. You can teach your computer to understand the image and find the object or product in the picture.