Sex Dolls Are NOT Weird

Sex dolls

I have to admit when a friend of mine first introduced me to his ‘sex doll’ I really didn’t know what to make of it. But I was intrigued by his reasons for buying it and wanted to learn more. So I did some research, got mildly interested myself and thought ‘heck, let’s try one, I bet it beats my other sex toys in a few ways’. 3 years later I have to say it was a brilliant buy.

If you are scared, embarrassed or shy about sex dolls, I don’t want to hear a word of it !!! How many people do you think have sex toys, whether they are things like vibrators, fleshlights, sex machines… And how many people do you think own a sex doll?

Thousands, in fact across the world HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people across the globe.

Sex dolls are the perfect companion without all of the hassle of a relationship. Without the need to worry about what your partner or what others may think. You can literally let your sexual desires run wild.

Even today, with several ‘friends with benefits’ I am not the only one who enjoys sharing my sexual experiences with sex dolls. In my friendship group we like using ours as part of trios or groups and it’s a totally different experience to the real thing. Often not a worse experience either as it is all about playing with each other in multiple ways.

Sex Dolls In Isolation

Alternatively, for some people they find it difficult to have close relationships with others. This I totally get, especially if you have what many deem ‘unusual sexual needs’… However we all still desire to have intimacy and connections. So a sex doll is perfect for companionship for those that have feelings of inadequacy in social situations.

Sex Dolls For Porn Simulation

There are of course many people that love porn, and why not! And to take it to the next level they use a sex doll whilst watching porn as it opens up a whole new world of sexual chemistry. Mind blown watching, touching, feeling the sensations of the very scenes on screen.

Sex Dolls For Stimulation

If you think about it, the 2 reasons most people buy a sex doll is to satisfy a masturbation or sexual encounter. Often curious and looking for different ways to satisfy themselves. A sex doll is the perfect way to explore these cravings. When I first got my sex doll I was amazed at the ways I could use it. It’s allowed me to try things that otherwise I would have not even considered.

And whilst I used to think it was a little bit creepy that people owned and used sex dolls – I can say it is one of the most exciting things I have ever bought for me AND my friends. It’s just a new universe of sensations and role play.

Sex Dolls: What To Go For

To truly enjoy a sex doll don’t go cheap, go silicone! How much you are going to spend will be impacted by many things such as brand quality, material and how heavy the doll is. Always remember it’s about what you want to do, so can you move it, manipulate it to your desired positions. Fetish and BDSM lovers think about what weird and wonderful ways you want to make it work.

Silicone Sex Dolls

The grand papa of sex dolls are silicone. These are generally crafted with very realistic body parts and are much longer lasting than latex and PVC. They have great detail and lifelike feel, but it goes without saying that the more you spend the more realistic the sex doll will be.

Note: It’s a good idea to decide how you are going to use your sex doll before you decide on which one to purchase. The great thing about many today is that they are so lifelike and also can be discreetly packed up and away from prying eyes.

Partial Sex Dolls

One way sex dolls have become so popular is the design and development of partial dolls. There are a couple of good reasons for this. In terms of cost they are considerably less money than a full sex doll and they can be stored away easily.

But that doesn’t change the experience they provide because even though you may not have the full sex doll, they usually have their full genitalia available to use. You can also buy various combinations of torso dolls which include every detail imaginable.

A quality sex doll will have the real feel of sex as the inside of the ‘holes’ are generally crafted well. Time is taken to detail as realistic as possible each area – inside and out. So despite the fact that they are only partial dolls, because they are designed to replicate the actual experience during penetration, they are an excellent way to find out if you are going to enjoy this type of sexual stimulation long term.

Full Size Sex Dolls

Full size sex dolls are the same dimensions as your perfect partner. These realistic dolls come in a number of shapes and sizes. The variations are quite remarkable, so you can buy whatever you can to handle!

The great thing about them is that they have limbs that move in a similar way to a regular person and all of the orifices have been created with pure pleasure in mind, so they are incredibly realistic.

These types of dolls allow you to enjoy any type of sex, whatever your style, fetish or desire. If you are into ball gags, cuffs and spanking then these boys and girls really do handle anything. And obviously one of the great benefits of having a full-size sex doll is that you are able to dress up however you like. Some sex dolls even come with heating elements which can warm up those intimate places so it really is like the real thing.

Caring For Your Sex Doll

Let’s be honest, if you pay good money for a sex doll you want it to last and deliver a fabulous experience over and over again. That’s not going to happen if you mistreat it.

Good quality sex dolls come with a manual that I advise you read before going crazy on it! And here are some other important tips…

It is always a good idea to clean your doll when you have used it.

  • Always make sure you follow cleaning instructions for the sensitive areas.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaning materials.
  • Avoid using heat from hairdryers.
  • Be careful placing fabrics with dark colours on your doll for long, it can stain.
  • Direct sunlight can damage your doll so store it in a shaded place.
  • When you are cleaning genitalia remove cleaning fluids with cotton wool.
  • Keep the material fresh by applying cornstarch onto the skin whilst stored.
  • In the areas which bend apply Vaseline.
  • Remember you need to be able to handle the weight of your sex doll

Round Up

People buy sex dolls for many reasons. The idea that this is weird is now outdated – sex dolls have become more mainstream and provide an incredibly real experience. Whilst the reason I purchased mine was because I was wanting to experiment, others purchase them for not only sexual satisfaction but more for emotional support.

Who is anyone to judge! Whatever the reason, there are many benefits and very few downsides to owning a sex doll as far as myself and my friends are concerned.