The Top Mobile Games to Download on Your Phone


Playing video games does not only serve as a form of entertainment. Studies show that mobile games have their benefits. For one, mobile games can be a good form of mental exercise. They’re also great stress-relievers. Some games, like multiplayer games and party games, can bring people together. If you’re looking for the top games to try on that new phone you got over the holidays, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the top mobile games to download on your phone!

Genshin Impact

This is one of the best free RPG cell phone games around. Upon its release, critics complimented it for its excellent gameplay and impressive visuals. The game has a party system with character switching. Through a Gacha system, you can get new characters and weapons. You can check it out on GameMine.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Have you always wanted to try the Nintendo exclusive Animal Crossing series? With Pocket Camp, you can access your Animal Crossing world from your mobile phone. Released in 2017, Pocket Camp has almost as much heart as the console game. Customize your avatar, decorate your campsite, and make friends. Pocket Camp has all the charms of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing.

Stardew Valley

Another simulation RPG, Stardew Valley is a classic farming sim. You inherit a plot of land and take on activities like growing crops and raising livestock. With its delightful art style and music, you’ll find it both engaging and relaxing.

Monument Valley 2

The first Monument Valley won an Apple Design Award. Monument Valley 2 is no less stunning than its predecessor. It’s a therapeutic game where you can lose yourself in the artful visuals. With limited storytelling, the game succeeds in engaging as well as emotional.

Party Starter

If you’re looking for a mobile game that combines popular party icebreakers into one, then this is a good bet. It has King’s Cup, Most Likely To, and Never Have I Ever. This game has different game mode categories. It offers various selections that you can unlock with in-app purchases. If you host a lot of parties, you’ll want to have this on your phone.


Yes, the popular sandbox with pixelated visuals is available on your phone! You can mine, build, and beat up zombies and skeletons in the game’s large open world, all on your phone. Frequent updates give new content and tons of possibilities. It also allows for cross-play so you can play with your friends who are on PC, PS4, and Xbox.


With characters from the WoW series, Hearthstone is a great card-based strategy game. It’s a turn-based game for 2 opponents. It features several game modes like casual and ranked matches or single-player adventures. This game has easy-to-handle controls, yet it also requires hard strategizing.

Play These Top Mobile Games Now!

Playing mobile games is more than a simple pastime. These top mobile games can be great brain exercises and stress relievers. Whether it’s an RPG or an artful puzzle game, these will have you engaged for hours. Interested in more of the best new cell phone games? Check out more of our recommendations here!