Is it good to change my slots wager or not?

Topp Spilleautomater

Changing a slots wager at Topp Spilleautomater can be a little intimidating at first, particularly if you are used to only wagering a certain amount. There are significant benefits that players can get if they know when to correctly increase or lower their wager amount. 

Slot Wager Basics 

Wagering in online slots is actually incredibly simple, although some players may get confused due to the sheer amount of choice which is presented to them. Players have to wager an amount before each spin, it is between a set amount which the slot decides. 

  • Players can choose whether to bet higher, lower or the same amount after each spin.
  •  Betting higher in things such as progressive jackpots is key to being eligible to possibly win the jackpot.
  • Don’t wager more in the base slot game just because you think that it will make the slot payout, no amount at stake will influence the outcome of the reels.
  • Remember to check the RTP and volatility of a slot beforehand, this can provide you with an indication on how much to bet.

Wager Strategies 

There are various tips and tricks which players use when wagering. Some of these can be incredibly effective. The first thing that players do should be obvious, take full advantage of any bonuses and promotions. Not only can these be incredibly helpful but they are usually very generous gifts from the casino site. Another tip is to always check the RTP and volatility of a slot before changing your wager. This is important because if a slot is highly volatilite, it is likely to change its fortunes in a flash. So if you choose to wager more on a volatile slot which appears to be paying out consistently, be prepared for a possible quick change in your fortunes. 

Things to Avoid 

Changing your slots wager can be very beneficial and in some cases even result in you winning a higher amount. Nevertheless, there are still some things which players should make sure to avoid when considering changing their wager. 

  1.  Don’t bet more if you have a small bankroll, this can be catastrophic and can even result in financial difficulties if you don’t know when to stop.
  2. Don’t wager more than is necessary for a progressive jackpot, if you have to wager ten pounds to enter then don’t exceed this amount as it has no bearing on whether you will win or not.
  3. Don’t avoid placing smaller bets, sometimes a smaller bet is a good strategy to eventually win a bigger amount.
  4. Ignore bonuses at your own peril, they can be incredibly handy and things such as multipliers and free spins can even help you to a big win! 


It is a good thing to change your slot wager on occasion, however, it is only advised when you know that changing it will significantly benefit your game. Always look for the slot’s RTP and volatility as well as your own bankroll before deciding to wager more or less.