You Won’t Believe Everything That An Automatic Litter Box Can Do

Automatic Litter Box

In 2021, more and more cat owners are choosing to leave the days of scooping out the litter box behind and upgrade to a self-cleaning solution.

Automatic litter boxes are smart, innovative machines that offer many enticing advantages over manual scooping. Like most high-tech products, they have the potential to simplify tedious tasks, but these self-cleaning units can also improve the health and happiness of your fur baby. Let’s take a deep dive into how!

Automatic Cleanings After Every Use

The primary purpose of automatic litter boxes is to clean and remove cat waste for you. But, the great benefit of these machines is the increase in cleanliness that your kitty will experience and enjoy on a routine basis.

Most cat owners who scoop manually will perhaps scoop the litter box once or twice a day at most. However, automatic litter boxes clean thoroughly after almost every use.

This is possible because of the accurate weight sensors or timing systems each unit uses. The system detects the presence of your cat, the waste they produce, and when they leave the litter box. After detecting use, the system initiates a self-clean. Alternative systems operate using a scheduled pattern to sequence a series of cleanings throughout the day.

So how does the unit clean? Well, it depends on the system being used. For example, the AutoEgg features a horizontal raking system. This involves a cleaning rake that slowly moves through the litter to sift out all the waste particles.

The CatGenie also scoops solid waste, but it uses special washable granules and more of a rotating scoop method. Liquid waste drains through these granules once washed, which then gets rinsed with a SaniSolution and water before being dried and reused.

Quiet Operation

Something most users are impressed by is how quietly automatic litter boxes function. Both the Aimicat and the AutoEgg contain advanced motors that operate almost silently.

When the machine is cleaning, it won’t sound much louder than a running computer. This means your kitty won’t feel frightened during the cleaning cycle, and you can have the litter box in your bedroom without the worry of it waking you up at night.

Supreme Odor Control

Thanks to the intelligent sensors that automatic litter boxes use, the system promptly initiates a cleaning cycle after your feline leaves the litter box (or works on a regular schedule so that waste isn’t left for too long).

By doing so, it can remove the waste before any odors get into the airways and spread. Self-cleaning litter boxes that work with a rotating or raking system will transport the dirty litter to a dedicated compartment below. Here, the waste is stored until the drawer becomes full and needs emptying.

While you may think this could create a cat odor issue, the compartment is built to be air-tight to prevent any scents from seeping out. Some models, such as the Aimicat, have a carbon filter fitted too. The enclosure’s circular and negative pressure system pushes the odors to this filter to neutralize the scents.

The CatGenie and other flushing litter boxes connect to the drain in your home to flush all cat waste out of your house straight away. This means there is no waste drawer to empty each week too.

Minimize Litter Tracking

Another problem automatic litter boxes have managed to solve effectively is litter tracking. With traditional style litter trays, particularly those with an open-top design, litter continuously leaves the box and disperses all over the floor.

This happens either from sticking to your kitty’s paws or when they dig or cover their waste. Litter tracking can become a frustrating challenge where you find yourself having to sweep or vacuum multiple times a day.

Most automatic litter boxes feature a hooded style, so the whole box apart from the entryway is enclosed. This feature alone makes a significant difference.

Even so, units like the AutoEgg go a step further with a tracking step at the entrance. With this addition, your kitty has to leave the box via the tracking step, which effectively catches any stubborn granules, greatly minimizing the amount of litter that escapes.

Litter Efficiency

The powerful cleaning systems do a brilliant job of separating the clean litter from the dirty particles and removing only the latter, thus reducing litter usage.

With a self-cleaning litter box, you’ll save up to 75% of the cat litter that usually gets wasted with a traditional litter box setup. This will dramatically reduce your cat litter costs.

Moreover, you can opt for a self-cleaning litter box that uses washable granules. With these, you’ll need to purchase the particular litter initially. However, after that, you’ll no longer need to rebuy litter, as the system will continually wash and reuse the granules.

Additional Health Features

We love high-tech products that serve multiple purposes. Along with keeping the litter clean, the AutoEgg has a brilliant health tracking and alert system. This model uses the sensors to log all of your feline’s litter box visits and record useful data.

This information includes their weight, the amount of waste they eliminate, and each visit’s duration and frequency. The smart system then uses this to keep an eye on your kitty’s health and let you know about any causes for concern.

Here’s an example of what the health tracker on the AutoEgg can do. Say your cat is using the box more often than usual but without eliminating anything.

In this case, you will see these visits flagged up on the display panel. This will clearly show that your kitty is trying to relive itself but has trouble peeing, which is a distinct sign of urinary problems in cats, such as a UTI or bladder infection.

Our Thoughts

It’s a dream for many cat parents to no longer have to deal with their fur child’s litter box. Thanks to these innovative creations, this dream can now become a reality.

Automatic litter boxes can seem a little pricey at first glance. However, when you consider everything they can do, you quickly realize they are more than worth the small splurge.