Betcris celebrates the first anniversary of its popular website


Betcris has positioned itself as the head sports wagering and gaming operator in Latin America. The company is regarded all through the region for its commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience, as well as its goal of making a solid and integrity-focused market, which has permitted it to become a high-profile partner with established organizations in several countries. As Betcris continues showing its confirmation to LatAm gaming, it offers an engaged target area to give authoritative and industry understanding through its Betcris News web portal, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

Betcris News was first introduced in October 2019, offering a way for the company to deliver information to the gaming industry on what’s going on both in the background and in front of the client. The site is consistently updated to ensure the current and informative substance is provided, featuring Betcris advances, social responsibility, platform upgrades, and more. Betcris News also offers admittance to sports news and wagering odds, giving viewers a wide extent of information associated with the sports gambling industry. With Latin America now a quickly rising gaming market, having a dedicated site to give fitting and opportune data is vital to address the growing business.

Betcris News is accessible for any platform, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. There is information, helpfully arranged by month, on how the LatAm market is progressing and how Betcris is confronting the troubles of COVID-19, among other topics, and more updates are constantly being added.

As the site is reliably being updated, it will not simply enable Betcris to offer new data and types of progress in the gaming business, but will also allow it to supply better frameworks for managing and settling crucial issues, improved by the experience and dedication of the operator. This will permit Betcris to serve the regional gaming space better while securing value and allowing it to continue to lead the way for a solid and strong Latin American gaming market.

As a reflection of Betcris’s commitment to the LatAm gaming industry, and in recognition of the same, the operator was one of the first entities selected to be part of SBC Leaders. The organization was formed by SBC in an effort to provide greater cohesion among the primary market principals in the global gaming space. Inclusion in the group is based on a number of criteria, including operator proficiency in safer gambling and customer care and innovation in the areas of product and technology. Outstanding corporate social responsibility is required, as well, and all of these traits are inherent to the Betcris business model.

Being included in the association is considered a mark of excellence that not all operators are qualified to claim. Only those innovative operators and the national trade associations that represent operators in discussions with legislators and regulators are extended the invitation. Betcris has consistently set itself apart as a pioneer in the LatAm gaming space, leading to its selection as one of the first members of the exclusive group.

Betcris has routinely participated in summits and seminars that focus on the expanding LatAm gaming market. It has been a driving force behind the development of regulations and operational integrity, providing a framework for other operators to follow in order to achieve greater success and to create industry standards that afford a higher degree of responsible gaming attention and transparency. As it continues to assist in the growth of the LatAm market, it is building on the expertise and professionalism of its leaders to ensure the gaming market is conforming to the highest standards of conduct.