How to Remove Saved Cards from MobiKwik


Everyone is confused about how to remove the saved cards from Mobikwik online platform. Here is the solution for your concern if you are a Mobikwik user and if you have once used Mobikwik for your purpose. Mobikwik is an alternative option using by tons of users all over the world. Basically, most of the Indian users such as Phonepe, GPay, and Paytm, the alternative option set with Mobikwik for online sending and receiving money for their concerns.

Remove Saved Cards from MobiKwik

Mobikwik offers desktop features and the app feature on iOS and Android as well. For those users who were using the app –

Go to the app and find the account setting of the user and find cards on the screen. Once if you find any banks added, go to the profile and click deeply. Not with a single click, you can find the delete option. However, with a long deep click, the Delete button will be visible.  However, if you didn’t find any card details, then it makes sense that you didn’t try the same.

For the desktop users, you could able find a wallet icon on Mobikwik at the right bottom. However, on the basis of the updates via the app, users find it in a different way. If you are already logged in to it, then it will be visible for you at the user management section at the easiest.

Alternatives to Mobikwik

You might be thinking what all are the alternative apps or the site like Mobikwik. As you know, millions of apps can see in the online store for various purposes. Besides, we can’t use everything and as per my point of view and after using the same you can try Phonepe, GPay, Paytm as the alternative option. However, each follow various features and if you are using Mobikwik for a longer period, you may miss any of the important things that are using by it. However, I think you got some basic ideas on Mobikwik about how to remove the saved card from Mobikwik and think it will be useful.