All support to India to battle COVID 19 – US President Biden

US President Biden Supports India
All support to India to battle COVID 19 - US President Biden

As the condition of India in regard to Covid 19 is getting more and more dangerous. People are dying and the 2nd wave of coronavirus impact is so faster in India. US President Biden announced, the USA government is rendering all kinds of support to battle against this coronavirus. The graph of patients in the month of April 2021 of COVID 19 is really a nightmare. The virus is spreading the entire state, district, each corner of India at the easiest. People of India in real fear of 2nd wave Covid 19 and US President Biden had addressed at length with Prime Minister of India.

The good news is that the USA is giving all kinds of support to India to destroy this coronavirus and to save each and every Individual from this. President Biden said he had talked with Modi meanwhile the US would be prepared to send actual vaccines to India to recover from COVID 19 at the earliest. While comparing with the 1st wave of COVID 19, this 2nd wave is more dangerous and it killing people so fast. Along with the virus is spreading so quickly from an individual to other. COVAXINE and COVISHIELD are there and their production is still going in India and reached most of the individuals. As per the distribution is on the basis of ages and still aged 18 to 45 aged people not yet availed by the same.

The problem that most of them face is – once if you take 1st vaccine, you need to wait a minimum of 28 days to take the other one. However, in between the person or the one related got affected with the virus, it makes confusion, whether the person who has taken vaccine of 1st dose affect the virus or even the person need to take the vaccine of 1st dose again and again. As there were many confusions are going along with the spread of the virus is so much quicker is the great nightmare that most of the persons are considering.

The support from the USA is really encouraging each and every Indian citizen and however, the people of India are the hope for yet another good day to come. The obstacle is valid now, we must make sure we have additional vaccines like Novavax as well as others originating on probably. Furthermore, I think we will be in a situation to be able to distribute vaccines and also we should know-how with other nations whore in real need, – he stated.