Switch to Online Casinos to Gain an Upper hand in Court Battles

Online Casinos

In a post-COVID world, gambling on online casino platforms that pay real money has emerged as a much safer alternative. Visiting crowded casinos can not only increase your chances of getting infected by the virus but can also affect your court battle if you were to file a lawsuit against the casino. There were instances in the recent past where the plaintiff had an upper hand in the court proceedings that involved an online casino platform as the defendant. Whereas the same couldn’t be achieved with a big shot Las Vegas casino.

Betfred Casino versus Andrew Green: An epic victory after 3 grueling years. 

Fifty-four years old gambler, according to a game site reviews website, Andrew Green filed a lawsuit against the popular online casino platform Betfred Casino three years back. His complaint was that even though he had played and successfully won a jackpot of £ 1.7 million, the casino refused to pay him the due prize money. The 3-year long battle cost him a fortune and also took a toll on his physical and mental wellbeing. He said that those 3 years felt like hell and were a great burden on his life and that of his family members.

Even though the defendant argued that this dispute could be solved only after a full trial, Mrs. Justice Foster ruled in favor of the plaintiff declaring it as a case of failure on the part of the casino to pay out due prize money to the winner. There might have been moments of doubt and apprehension in Mr. Green’s mind but he refused to give up his fight and after this epic victory urges every other punter to challenge casinos that do wrong by them.

Bristol Myers Squibbs versus Sameh Magid: Supreme court favors big pharma.

Another interesting case was the one filed by the estate of an eminent investment broker from Vancouver after his death in 2018. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit in 2019 that called out popular pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibbs, as an irresponsible organization that failed to issue proper warning about the side effects of a particular drug. This drug, named Abilify, was prescribed to broker Sameh Magid as an anti-depressant in 2010. According to the complaint filed by Mr. Magid’s estate, the side effects of this drug include compulsive gambling.

This behavior of compulsive gambling by Magid took place in the month of September in 2014 when he opened massive credit lines with Mandalay Bay Casino, amounting up to 8.38 million U.S. dollars. Over the span of the next year, both the plaintiff and the defendant came up with several applications resulting in a heated court battle which was finally put an end to in March 2020. The Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled in favor of the pharmaceutical company stating that since this debt was incurred by Mr. Magid in the state of California, it couldn’t be put to the test in any other state court.

As is evident from these two high-profile lawsuits, there is a higher chance for you to secure justice for yourself if the defendant in question is an online casino platform that pays real money instead of a renowned casino situated in Las Vegas. Be wise and switch to mobile casinos.