C worming have stopped by fenbendazole


A FATHER who is dying of bowel cancer and given months to live claims that CBD oil and dog worming pills have halted the illness completely.

Forty year old Scott Davis of Torquay, Devon, was told in September he has terminal cancer, then was given a chance to get palliative care.

He was told he had merely a year to live after this diagnosis.

He began doing research on his own. He then began to take canine worming pills along with CBD oil. He takes the worming pills, along with several kinds of vitamins, every day. The pills contain fenbendazole.

After beginning this regime, he says he now feels in better shape and much more healthy than he has ever been in his life. He stunned his doctor whenever he actually made it his fortieth birthday. He has managed to keep his cancer stable for the past 6 months so this treatment seems worth trying out.

Scott, who has three kids, told people, “I read on the Web that CBD oil blends great with fenbendozle. Together the two have been shown to assist in treating cancer.

“Many folks have raved on this treatment, plus have had tons of victories, consequently I believed I would try it. I got fenbendozle o the Internet at a price of £7.50 a week. I buy one box a day, it is in the form of powder, consequently I usually eat it on toast.”

“My physicians informed me in September 2018 that the cancer would kill me because the tumor was considered to be inoperable. Right after I was diagnosed, they began to talk to me regarding palliative care.

I was totally shocked whenever they said I would only live another year. I was totally in shape and very healthy so no one would have believed a thing was amiss in my body.”

“Several weeks before I’d started having pain in my stomach, and the physicians believed I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. However, shortly I had horrible pain and when I went to the hospital I discovered I had a tumor.”

He started undergoing palliative chemotherapy to see if it would shrink the tumor. Yet after an intense six month treatment he decided to seek out an alternative.

Scott said: “Right after I was diagnosed, one of the hospital nurses advised me to stay positive and gave me information regarding CBD oil, as well as other treatments.”

“That is how I learned worming pills containing fenbendazole along with CBD oil might help. I understand it won’t cure my cancer, yet it has lengthened my life. I believe others can be helped as well. I began my regime of the pills and CBD oil after I read on the Web about it helping treat terminal cancer.”

“I was up for trying anything at this point so I started to take it straight away, before I even started my chemo. I know it can’t cure cancer but it has prolonged my life and I know it can help others too.”

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