Four stunning living room trends upkeeping you all the time


Every year new trends come and evolve interior designing landscape. In particular, 2020-21 has brought new mindsets, new interests, and, hence, new trends.  Worth-knowing home decor trends have been primarily for living rooms because, during the lockdown, people have started spending more time there and attained new preferences different from conventional interior designs. Taking a closer look into them, you can furnish your living room with famous design statements.

Four eye-catching living room trends to make you feel comfortable all the time

1. Wall art

Since people are spending more time with their interests or hobbies, they have sparked their creativity and wish to surround themselves with art. Wall art can cater to this purpose, and it can be for different purposes like prevailing serenity and calmness, exciting our moods, or enhancing concentration. Earlier, designs covering the better portion of the entire wall were quite famous but nowadays, picking up a piece of wall art is the top priority. You can avail professional fine arts designs backed by our specialists of Jackson Fine Art to beautify your wall as per your emotions, feelings, and interests. You can make a gallery of either your photos or some landscape.

While discussing color trends, it is noticed that online wall art styles are not much dark and not much light. They have to be big, bold and confronting your face. Besides, the emphasis is also on large-scale prints.

2. Statement ceilings

Statement ceilings were the trend of the long back, but it has come again. It’s worth saying that the trend is to fall in love with your surroundings.

The inclination is towards darker colors such as dark browns, grays, and blacks. Though these colors are prevalent, you need not stick to the set design roster.

Incorporate different colors into the ceiling according to other colors done throughout your room!

Statement ceilings also include considering the material beyond paint.  So, wallpaper decals would finetune your roof.

3. Purposeful setting

When it comes to purposeful arrangements, the popularity which we have noticed is of setting the infrastructure according to Vasu Shastra. It leads you to make directions logically according to universal elements. Still, if you don’t believe in such things, interior design is always the best alternative for you. For example, you can show a couch up against the wall and leave some space in the center of the room. Your room layout can be according to the functional standpoint and aesthetically pleasing look giving to the viewer.

Also, you can add the right-sized area rug to give ground to space. Besides, create an inviting sitting area making it the focal point of the room.

4. More space to walk

Since there has been work from home offices, the sedentary lifestyle is increasing. Most people need space to have a bit of wanderlust around their sitting area. Noticing this interest, it has become a trend to leave more room to walk so that you can set your sitting furniture accordingly. Also, remember minimalism is always good.

Apart from these notable trends, you can also prefer to apply warm colors to the walls, using lots of layers in making a photo gallery, plenty of texture, etc.