Google Pixel 6 Pro Review Specification Release Date


Google Pixel 6 Pro: Google’s yet another smartphone will be released in September 2021. The official announcement of the Google Pixel 6 Release Date will update shortly. However, the design leaked is really mesmerized the eyes of Google smartphone users. Android users are so lucky to have this smartphone from September 2021 onwards. Besides, the Android 12 OS is going to experience your new Pixel pro. Oh, that will be a great exprience and the rumors tell, it’s the most faster OS ever launched by Android. That’s so cool to hear right and obviously, a periscope camera is really bringing better zooming capability in Google Pixel Pro.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Specification and other features in detail

Like as said, the periscope camera is going to be a better experience for the Google Pixel Pro 6 users.

  • Dual Stereo Speakers at the top and bottom.
  • It has got a wireless charging facility.
  • In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor [Earlier it was Fingerprint Scanner].
  • 6.67-inch curved AMOLED display
  • 11.5 mm / 0.45 in camera bump
  • 2 Sensors
  • Triple camera array

Even more, features managing this awesome Google’s new smartphone and the wait is getting over. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is a real game-changer in the smartphone industry.  More updates in concern with the battery, CP storage, and other versions will be updated along with the release date.

As there were no updates released by the official community and not no rumors unveiled. Well for the iPhone and Samsung users, this will be a new experience for sure. However, you might have experienced a lot of smartphones in the Android category. However, Android 12 in Pixel 6 pro will go to be a different experience.


Stay tuned for yet another tech news and Gadgets review and updates here with Quintdaily. However, Google’s new smartphone will be going to blow the mind of its lovers. Besides, we will be updating more features on Pixel 6 pro here, and stay updated with us.