How to Play GTA 5 on Android Phones

GTA 5 Android

GTA 5 Android: GTA is a very popular game and do you know, how to play GTA 5 on Android phones? Obviously, GTA 5 can be played using your Android smartphone easily. Furthermore, here is a simple small guide for that and you will love this. A lot of gamers are around us and GTA is a stunning game and it made its dominance all over the world. Basically, the attention of users below 18 is really enjoying this gaming. As a term, GTA is upgrading its version every year and users are finding a much better experience in each update. Now, it’s available through a smartphone, and do you know how to use it?

How to Play GTA 5 on Android Devices?

As the GTA 5 version is already available on Xbox 360 and also on PlayStation 3 platforms. Besides, more number the platform is now made its availability as of now, they are as follows –

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox Series X and Series S

Does it make available on Smartphones? 

Have you got a Playstation 4 with you, then you are lucky. PlayStation 4 users with a GTA 5 copy can able to play the GTA 5 game on their mobile phones easily by following this simple step given:

Go to the PS Remote Play application mode which is available on your smartphone.

Activate the Remote Play choice on your PlayStation 4 by directing into Settings and find Remote Play Connection Settings, there you can find the option Enable Remote Play.

Now Directly, log in to the corresponding PSN account on your mobile as well as your PlayStation 4 and open the GTA 5. That’s it, how simple it is and you can enjoy it with a well-stabled Internet connection at your home or office.

Xbox Game Pass – How this possible to play GTA 5 on Android

Well if you are an Xbox Game Pass owner, then it’s simple to use, and can play this game. Follow the below simple steps and solve the issue easily and play the game GTA on your Android smartphone.

  • First, you need to download the Xbox app while checking the play store on your Android phone. I think now all versions of smartphones can make use of this, However, most of the new firmware can do this action.
  • Secondly, login to the Xbox Game Pass account and go to the cloud games option.
  • Now you may need to select GTA 5 and also touch on play to commence the game, that’s it, you are done.

How to play GTA 5 using Steam Link on Android Smartphone

  • Enable stream application on your smartphone that you are using.
  • Now connect the PC by linking the application via a stream link account.
  • Now you can tap on the screen and play GTA 5.
  • Go to the stream library and select GTA 5, that’s it, and enjoy the game.


Hope you got some idea with a different option that can help you to play GTA 5 on your Android devices. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks here with us on various gaming updates.