Myths & Facts : What You Should Know About Skincare

Know About Skincare

Many rumors revolve around skincare. Well, some of these myths may be true or false. In this article, we’ll look into different myths and determine whether they are true or false depending on the facts brought forth by research.

Some of the myths include the fact that Botox helps to prevent wrinkles. Well, some of these myths are not accurate as per the facts that researchers have presented. Below are different myths & facts revolving around skincare:

Botox Normally Prevents Formation of Wrinkles

Botox can theoretically prevent the formation of wrinkles. The only issue is that the studies that have been conducted over the years do not support these claims. When the muscles that normally contract are relaxed, you can easily notice the creases that usually appear with time.

According to professional dermatologists, some cost-effective options such as the use of sunscreen have proven to be successful when it comes to preventing the formation of wrinkles. Besides using some of these cruelty free skincare online products, you should utilize proper skin care techniques. Botox treatments should be conducted when the wrinkles start to appear if you want to undergo a cosmetic procedure.

Oily Skin is Less Likely to Wrinkle as Compared to Dry Skin

The research that has been conducted over the years has not been as conclusive. Well, oily skin usually is thicker, which means it cannot be wrinkled easily. Also, the skin cannot be easily damaged by the UV rays from the sun.

According to some professionals, the phenomena of oily skin are attributed to hormones. People with oily skin usually have high testosterone levels, which offer protection when one suffers from low collagen levels. The oily skin does not also seem old. If you smoke and are exposed to the sun for prolonged hours, your skin will age fast, and you will have wrinkles.

Consuming Junk Food Causes Acne

The studies that have been conducted over the years have not shown any correlation between the occurrence of acne and junk food. Different dermatologists have weighed in on the issue, and their results are similar, which means the myth is false as per the facts present.

The accurate studies showcase that when people consume foods that have high glycemic levels, they are susceptible to suffering from acne; this is because the inflammation will aggravate the acne issue. Some of these foods include sweets and white rice, and they can raise the insulin and blood sugar levels, which means you are prone to issues such as inflammation.

Although foodstuffs such as dark chocolate have numerous health benefits, milk chocolate has a high likelihood of causing acne. As per recent studies, if you consume at least three glasses of milk in a week, there is a high likelihood that you will end up suffering from acne. The best solution is to limit the triggers and ensure that you have a balanced diet and consume beverages and foods that have anti-inflammatory properties and they include green tea and broccoli.

People Should Use Skincare Products from the Same Product Line for The Best Results

Well, this is more of a marketing strategy. However, using products from a similar company line can prove useful, and you will get the results you desire.

It is Possible to Get Rid of Cellulite

The cellulite fix is never permanent. There are treatment options that help minimize the cellulite look, and they include creams that normally contain aminophylline which usually breaks down the fat cells. Massaging devices also come in handy since they can iron out the fat cells so that they will not seem as pronounced.

Liposuction can also help eliminate the deep-fat deposits, and the surface of the skin will not be necessarily removed. Treatment options that are also promising include Cellulaze; this is a laser treatment option that will cut through the vertical bands present under the skin, which come about because of the dimpled effect, which is invisible. The FDA recently cleared this treatment option since it can help to clear cellulite in the long run. However, it is not as cheap. It costs at least $3,000.

Skincare Products with High SPF Allow You to Stay in the Sun for a Prolonged Period

Well, SPF should not be used as an indicator about how long you can stay in the sun since you have the necessary protection from UV rays. SPF is not an indicator of the product’s ability to offer protection from the UV rays produced by the sun. The rays are known to cause wrinkles and skin cancer.

People Cannot Suffer from Skin Damage After the Age of 18

There is the assumption that skin damage will occur in your lifetime by the time people are 18 years old. If you are 18 years or older, your skin will be significantly affected when exposed to UV rays. To avoid such issues, you should apply sunscreen daily. Also, you should exfoliate at least three times a week.