PMP Exam Preparation Summary


(1) Background Overview – Motivation for Learning

Now bidding for IT projects of domestic and international large enterprises, there are strict requirements for the project manager and related management, professional, software, social security, expert years, etc. foreign enterprises or foreign-funded background will require a relevant number of PMP certification personnel to manage the project. In high value-added projects, there are other relevant requirements, but a PMP certificate is essential.

(2) Learning process – Pain and Happiness

Time is still very tight. Classes start in the middle of January and PMP Exam takes place in March. It takes less than two months to prepare. If it’s enough, we’ll have to hold on. The two teachers who give lectures and solve problems talk about their knowledge for many years. In the process of continuous learning, they constantly collide with the knowledge points of 10 years ago and gradually refresh the concept and knowledge field of PMI. There are 49 process diagrams, various ITTO, formulas, and concept components in 10 knowledge fields of 5 process groups.

(3) Consolidation – Tactics and Methods of Endless PMP Practice

Just reciting in class is not good enough, we must do a lot of reading.

Method 1: Simulation PMP Test

SPOTO has arranged three simulated tests. After each test, the teacher will explain each question specifically. During the explanation, the teacher will pay special attention to which process group, which knowledge point, and which ITTO will test. By constantly deepening the impression, our knowledge field and imagination will be gradually enriched.

Method 2: WeChat Test Every Day

From Monday to Friday, 40 PMP test questions are arranged every day in the middle of the simulation test. The answer analysis is published every night, and the teacher explains it online.

Method 3: Fragmented Time Test

WeChat APP also has a random question bank of 10 questions. We do the PMP test questions in the rest time before going to bed on the way to work, and the 10 questions will not waste too much time. We use the fragmentary time to check whether the knowledge points are mastered and whether there are omissions, and then strengthen the supplement in the study.

Method 4: Read Dr. Wang’s Interpretation of PMP Certification Exam

In the communication group, I heard the article “Dr. Wang’s interpretation of PMP examination (6th Edition) [for the sixth edition of PMBOK]” recommended by others. I decisively downloaded and read it. After reading it, I felt that a master is a master. I used the most common vernacular to explain the knowledge points of the whole PMP book very thoroughly, which is suitable for all ages. I read it twice more. It is recommended to read it at least twice.

Method 5: Look at the Lecture Question Bank of Various Training Institutions

After consulting my friends who had taken the PMP Test before, they gave me a bunch of 50G documents, including PDF, PPT, Doc handouts, test questions, books. I just need these things to learn from each other, and some other teachers think that they are important knowledge points that can be familiar with and consolidated.

Method 6: All Kinds of Online Video and Audio

The old movie-watching APP can also be fully utilized, such as YouTube. Generally speaking, when you are chasing dramas on the way to work, you can also watch PMP. As long as you input PMP questions, many and many video knowledge points come out, and you can suck these sweet knowledge points hungrily. At the same time, in the time of washing face and brushing teeth, before going to bed, taking the subway and so on, we use the fragmented time to listen to all kinds of teachers’ explanations. This method is very effective.

Method 7: Make Connection

It’s very important to connect all knowledge points together before the exam. The teacher will summarize the key points of knowledge. These are basically dry goods. It’s very important. If you master all the lecture notes about 10 pages, 70% – 80% of the exam content is basically no problem. With your usual hard work and reading, you are likely to pass the exam.

Method 8: PMBOOK

What? How to read such a thick book! I can’t make it. Many knowledge points are still the authority of books. I solemnly remind you to read PMBOOK for several times. The most authoritative and complete knowledge points are more detailed.

(4) Take the Exam Calmly and Carefully.

When taking the PMP Exam questions, you must read them carefully, and especially understand what the last sentence asks. Which knowledge point, which process group and which ITTO should be tested. It’s very easy to make a question after knowing it, especially when judging words such as “certain” and “must”, we should give priority to excluding them. Most of them can exclude two items, and then choose one of the remaining two items. This is usually easy. Examination notes, the teacher has been very clear when talking, the process notes are clear.

(5) Wait for Good News

After a long wait, when you see the letters PASS, all the efforts are worth it. 4A1T, not so perfect, whatever, I pass.