Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Release Date, Specification, Price

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The most probable release of Galaxy S21 FE is happening this August 2021. The world-leading one of the best South Korean giants are waiting for the yet Galaxy series. Moreover, the Note series put a hold this year and Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the striking releases. Besides, users or can say Samsung lovers can hope for an early release of a new smartphone this year. Along with Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, the beautiful Galaxy Z Fold 3, and also Galaxy Z Flip 3 are launching.

Notable Samsung Galaxy S21 Specifications

  • Size: 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED
  • Frequency: 120Hz refresh
  • Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC
  • Storage facility: 128GB/256GB storage
  • Version: Android 11 – OneUI
  • Battery Capacity: 4500mAh

Like a common smartphone series under Samsung Galaxy, this S21 FE is really awesome. Like other features, it is powered with a USB Type-C port, and also connection features of GPS ad Bluetooth 5.1 are enabled. Furthermore, if it is compared with the S20, it has got size is smaller than it. But no worries, Samsung demands the best quality features and the better strength capacity for the same.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Price and Release Date

As the company is hopeful for its release during the early week of August 2021. However, the exact date will be soon updated here and you can stay refreshed with this page to know its release day. Like everyone says, once a new version release, the old version price of the smartphone drops automatically. However, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE price is really going to mindblowing you. As a matter of fact, the production of this smartphone is still under process and the Samsung galaxy fans are waiting for yet another launch. Like the same, there is a near launch of the iPhone series this September.

For the new version Samsung galaxy series, users can experience the latest firmware and many exciting features. Moreover, the price is manageable to buy and it will not make you in trouble for sure. As mass production is happening mostly in the month of July and this galaxy series smartphone is really an inspiring design for Samsung galaxy lovers.

Wrapping it up:

Along with this smartphone model under the Samsung galaxy series, another flip, and fold model sounds like a new experience to the users. Besides, this is a new move made by the tech giants to experience better users’ attention to the stunning smartphone model. Stay tuned for yet another smartphone release news and updates here at Quintdaily. Keep an eye on the release date of the new smartphone under the galaxy series. Keep in touch for yet another tech news and updates here at the earliest.