Starting Conversations With Your Kids About Pemf Devices

Pemf Devices

There is wide scope in the use of Pemf mat for children due to various reasons. The first reason is that the professionals who generally use pemf mat generally tend to limit its use to adults. As the people who take care of children lack education about the importance of a pemf mat there is great scope for specially trained persons in introducing pemf therapy in the treatment of various diseases and conditions related to children.

The details regarding the importance of pemf mat for children arise primarily from three sources. The first one is a book named ‘Pemf therapy in Eastern Europe’ which contains a review of the research work conducted in this field for the last thirty years. Another book named ‘Power Tools for Health and How They Can Help You’ also points out the importance of the pemf mat in dealing with children’s issues.

There is both direct and indirect evidence for the importance of pemf mat in the treatment of disease conditions related to children.  The indirect evidence arises out of the science-related value of pemf mats in the case of adults. Clearly, it is seen that some diseases and health issues often happen to be more important in adults than in kids and vice versa is also true.

Unfortunately, there exists only very little direct evidence to prove the importance of pemf mats in the case of children. The direct evidence is very valuable as children share similar biological mechanisms related to health and diseases in adults.  Their specific conditions can be different with regard to severity and frequency from the birth of a child to his adulthood. 

As the children grow up from their adolescent age they tend to be more similar to adults in their bodies and they begin to experience and feel the same problems that are faced by the adults.

In the book ‘Pemf therapy in Eastern Europe’ the first chapter deals with the studies conducted in pemf therapies in children. The study testifies the benefits a child gets by using the pemf mat for his problems like sinusitis, enuresis, Legg-Perthes disease, chronic bronchitis, etc.

Legg-Perthes, as well as enuresis, have been found to be more common in the case of children. The pemf mat has been found to be very beneficial for these two conditions. Whatever pemf therapy can do for adults has been found to work better in the case of children also. It is a known medical fact that whatever works in adults will work better in children. It is because of the fact that children can heal faster and regenerate the damaged tissues at a better rate than adults.  This is more evident in the case of trauma connected with wounds and fractures.  The use of pemf mat produces faster healing, less risk of breakdown, side effects of medications, treatments and antibiotics.

The faster metabolic rate of children compared to that of adults is the main reason for reduced complications and rapid healing in children when pemf mat is used for treatment purposes. Children’s metabolic rate has been found to be two and a half times faster than that of adults. The highest metabolic rates are found to occur in the first five years of a child’s life. A rapid metabolic rate means rapid recovery and healing.

As the children’s bodies are dynamically more active and as their organs are smaller, the pemf mat has to be applied in a slightly different manner. The intensity of the magnetic radiation and the time of treatment with magnetic rays are important parameters that need to be changed when the pemf mat is applied to the children. This approach is very important to children who are vulnerable with handicaps and health issues of acute and more severe nature.

Acute infectious diseases

The common childhood issues are those relating to acute infectious diseases in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts.  By using the pemf mat, one can speed up healing and recovery processes and reduce future complications. This is especially relevant in dealing with infectious ears, sinus infections, significant gland enlargements and respiratory infections, dental infections and hepatitis. If the pemf mat is applied early and throughout the period of infection it can speed up the tissue repairs, improve circulation and reduce chronic inflammation. However, it is believed that pemf devices cannot kill bacteria or viruses directly.  They only help the body to facilitate its defence mechanism better and faster so that healing and recovery become an easy task.  One can also combine pemf devices with antivirals, antibiotics and antifungals.