White Fungus – More Dangerous than Black Fungus

White Fungus

Reports say White Fungus is getting more dangerous than black Fungus. It looks like 2021 is getting more dangerous and people are affecting the disease so quickly with this White Fungal disease. White Fungus Symptoms, White Fungal prevention are now talking everywhere. People are in fear of Covid 19 on one side and another side with Black Fungus disease. Now, the White Fungus disease is reporting more dangerous than the Black Fungal disease.

Well, doctors unveiled that, the White fungal infection shows the same symptoms as the coronavirus. However, people are getting confused, whether it’s a Covid 19 or the White Fungus. However, the White Fungus test will help you through the HRCT test. For the Coronavirus, it is RT PCR and AntiGen test. For White Fungus, it’s better g with an HRCT test to clarify the disease.

If you are negative on the Covid test – Still shows the disease – Affected with White Fungus?

Yes, with a detailed test through HRCT, you can confirm the disease is affected by fungal infection. But, patients can back to normal by using anti-fungal medicines.

White Fungus vs Black Fungus:

While Comparing with Black Fungus, the doctors say that the white fungus is more dangerous.

Where this affects –

Other than Lungs, it Affects the following:

  • Nails
  • Skin
  • Stomach
  • Brain
  • Mouth
  • Kidney

Stay healthier – It causes if you are having low immunity

People are at risk if you are having low immune powers. However, the people who are affected with diabetes or even taking some steroids should be very much careful. As the black fungus affects those and the doctors recommend staying healthier always and stay home.

More reports in concern with White fungus disease are coming soon. Stay tuned for yet another news and updates on White Fungus and stay refreshed for the related events. Keep an eye on the latest alerts, keep subscribed to our notifications.