4 Popular interior colour schemes for your bedroom wall

interior colour schemes

Want to give your sleep-time sanctuary a fresh aura and appearance? Then look no further. This blog will give you all the insight on trending paint colours in 2021.

To give your bedroom a perfectly tranquil vibe, go for colours that are refreshing, calming, energising and mood-boosting. While there are hundreds of interior paint colours to choose from, we have narrowed our list to pastel colours and muted shades.

Check out these four gorgeous options for your Bedroom colour scheme.

Blush Pink 

Prominently feminine yet chic and widely admirable, this shade of pink is perfect for breathing life into your bedroom. You can combine it with subtle accent pieces and upholstered furniture for a dramatic feel. However, if you’re after a dreamier space then go for neutral linens, minimalist furniture and lighter drapes.

Light Lilac

This muted shade of lavender is comforting and calming. Exuding serene energy, this beautiful wall colour will make you fall asleep in no time. The beauty of this light purple shade is that it is versatile. You can pair it with almost everything. Your options for décor and furniture are endless if you choose to go with this shade.

Sage Green

Trying to find a balance between subtle and bold? Go for this nature-inspired shade of green. Refreshing and brightening, sage is all about experimenting and having fun. Pair it with vintage wooden furniture and renaissance art to give your bedroom a dramatic touch. Alternatively, you can pair it with white linens and bohemian-style furniture to get the beachy vibe.

Pale Blue 

Breathe in some fresh air into your room with this calming shade of blue. It is refreshing and restful at the same time. While adding bright accents and quirky décor can make it contemporary and statement-worthy, choosing subdued décor and neutral linens will turn it into a coastal-inspired oasis.

A bedroom is supposed to be your most intimate space, therefore choosing a wall paint colour that appeals to you is most important. If you’re worried that picking a pale and muted palette for your bedroom would make it dull and boring, then keep your worries aside. These amazing pastel wall paint colours will work as a canvas for you. They’ll go with almost any selection of décor and furniture while maintaining sophistication and elegance of your room.