Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

In hopes of reducing individual carbon footprints, people have turned to green alternatives. By simply practising the 4Rs, switching lights and appliances off when not in use can significantly affect our impacts on the environment. And one of the most practical eco-friendly trends is cycling.

With the implementation of physical distancing protocols, people have become more inclined to travel on their own. Likewise, cycling has also become one of the most popular hobbies when open spaces are deemed safer than most enclosed rooms.

But while biking can be a great way to destress, it isn’t all that practical for everyday transportation. Sure, you can ride your bike to work. But then you’d arrive at the office sweaty and tired.

Fortunately, electric bikes are here to help us out. They’re more practical and cost-efficient. And with the newest technological advancements, traditional bikes are starting to go out of style, with electric bikes becoming the new ‘in.’

5 Positive Effects of Electric Bikes

Despite the hype for electric bikes, you may find yourself uncertain about getting one yourself. After all, electric bikes aren’t that different from traditional bikes. And electric bikes cost a lot more than traditional bikes.

So, if you’re still looking for reasons as to why you should invest in an electric bike, then we’ve got you covered! Here are five positive effects you can get only from an electric bike.

#1 Good for the Health 

The first and probably the most appealing benefit of electric bikes is their positive health effects. Everyday cycling is known to improve heart health, blood circulation, and even respiratory function. With improved health, you can thus help minimize your risks to chronic cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Additionally, cycling benefits bone health. Since it’s only a low-impact sport, it can exercise your joints while still taking care of them. Thus, it benefits those with chronic orthopedic illnesses such as osteoarthritis. Cycling can also be an excellent alternative for those with previous running injuries.

Aside from boosting your physical health, cycling gives you peace of mind. You can stroll far enough to visit serene sites and slow enough to appreciate breathtaking surroundings. In a more scientific explanation, cycling promotes the release of endorphins, aka your happy hormones.

#2 Environmentally Friendly

The following positive effect electric bikes offer is their environmentally-friendly nature. Transportation remains one of the top contributors to harmful emissions. But with an electric-powered mechanism, electric vehicles and bikes release zero emissions. For this aspect, electric bikes are at par with electric cars. 

But being environmentally friendly isn’t simply about emissions during transportation. Emissions during the manufacture and recycling process of batteries also pose harmful effects to humans and the environment. Since electric bikes require smaller, recyclable batteries, they are thus better for the environment than large electric vehicles.

Additionally, electric bikes rely on both mechanical power and electrical power. For every pedal you exert, you provide a renewable energy source for your bike.

Besides having zero emissions, electric bikes are better alternatives for cities. Not only can they minimize traffic continuously caused by electric vehicles, but they can also help solve congestion and sedentary living.

#3 Cost Efficient Mode of Transport 

Now, you may think, why an e-bike instead of just about any electric vehicle? Well, to put it simply, electric bikes are way more cost-efficient than electric cars. 

First of all, you can save up more money with e-bikes because you won’t have to pay for yearly registration and costly insurances. Of course, you still need to pay for necessary accessories like helmets, but these costs are way smaller. Besides, you won’t even have to pay for parking!

Secondly, electric bikes require less charging time and thus cost less for your electric bills. On average, you can charge your bike within 3-6 hours while you’ll need 8-10 for your car. 

Lastly, electric bikes are very low maintenance. E-bike maintenance can cost as low as $200 a year. E-bikes require little upkeep, which only includes:

  • Checking brakes and stopping power
  • Cleaning and maintenance of chains
  • Inflating tires
  • Charging the battery

#4 Lets You Ride Faster and Farther With Less Sweat

Aside from these considerably general and long-term effects, let’s talk about how electric bikes improve your cycling experience. E-bikes, with the help of their electric motors, give added pedaling power. So, you can cover longer distances with fewer pedals and less sweat.

With the added power electric bikes provide, climbing slopes also become more manageable. So, the pedaling power is perfect for those who travel through slopes on a routine basis.

Some e-bikes are also equipped with a throttle. When riding these bikes, you can go a long way without even pedaling, thanks to the throttle pushing the bike forward. But don’t rely on this too much as it can drain the batteries. 

Because it gives such an extra solid push, throttle-powered electric bikes are usually applicable for carrying heavy loads with their bike. That said, you should know that some countries and states ban the use of throttle-only electric bikes. 

#5 Wide Selection of Styles: There’s Always an E-Bike Especially for You

Lastly, e-bikes are so diverse that there always seems to be a design especially made for you. Whether you’re looking for a practical bike or something for recreation, you can certainly find the right e-bike for you. 

These are the most common types of e-bikes and their most notable features:

  • Cruiser Electric Bikes – Some of their signature features include flat seats with high handlebars for upright seating. Most cruiser e-bikes are made mainly for paved roads. However, it does not mean they’re not capable of conquering greater heights. Because, after all, a cruiser e-bike is still an electric bike that provides extra boost and power to your rides.
  • Commuter Electric Bikes – “smooth and cozy” as one would describe these e-bikes. They feature comfortable seats and large yet narrow tires for a more efficient commute ride. Most units of this type have long mile range capacity that can reach 80 miles per charge.
  • Step-Thru Electric Bikes – when you’re a classic tourist or cyclist who wants to go around the city day or night, a step-thru e-bike would perfectly fit you. The main bit of a step-thru electric bike is its low step frame design that lets you easily and literally “step through” the bike and seat.
  • Electric Mountain Bikes – perhaps one of the most common types of e-bikes with wide tires and flat handlebars mostly used in recreational activities and difficult trails. Although a bit pricey compared to the others, electric mountain bikes or eMTBs are durable and robust.
  • Electric Road Bikes:  for fast and long-distance trips, road bikes are ideal. With the main features, narrow tires, and drop handlebars, you’ll indeed have a great ride on paved roads, plus it’s also lighter!

You should also consider the e-bike’s class numbers. If you’re simply cruising streets, then a Class 1 e-bike with only the pedal-assist mode may already be sufficient. While for Class 2 e-bikes, they feature both a pedal assist and a throttle to boost the bike to a maximum speed of 20 mph. So, if you’re carrying loads, then this can be a good option. On the other hand, you’d likely benefit the most from a Class 3 e-bike if you need a speedy bike to get you through your daily commute. These bikes can reach up to 28 mph. 

And there you have it, the positive effects you can get for choosing to invest in an electric bike! So, if you’re thinking about electric bikes, just remember how they promote good health and preserve the environment. They also minimize everything, from costs to physical effort. Most of all, e-bikes are trendy vehicles that always have something new to offer. 


With all these e-bike benefits, you certainly won’t have to break a sweat in an attempt to reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, you get to have a healthier lifestyle, so what else are you waiting for? Get yourself an electric bike now!