Gambling in India from antiquity to the present day

Online gambling

Online gambling has been developing rapidly in recent years. This activity is attracting people from different corners of the world including India. The betting industry is flourishing there nowadays. More and more citizens of that country start placing bets on sports and playing games online. However, gambling is not something new there because its appearance in India dates back to ancient times. In fact, the country has a rich history of different forms of entertainment which has been undergoing changes over time.

Gambling was mentioned for the first time in an Indian epic called Ramayana which was created in the 7th century BC. In this work, there are references to the old form of dice and chess. Ancient Indian texts mention that people were using nuts for gambling. Also, there was already animal betting popular in antiquity. At first, Indians bet on fights of cocks and later on – on horses. Therefore, as it appears, betting was a well-liked activity in ancient India.

In the 15th century, special houses for betting started to appear across the country. Already at that time, the first taxes were introduced on winnings. Every game was monitored in order to make sure the players give part of their winnings to the king. In the 18th century, the cricket game was brought to India and it became immediately admired by people. However, towards the end of this century, a law was introduced that prohibited all betting activities in India.

Modern times

Nowadays the popularity of gambling in India revives. Even though physical gambling is forbidden there, online betting is absolutely legal in this country because there are no laws against it. Therefore, the majority of citizens spend a lot of time online placing bets on diverse kinds of sports. Furthermore, the number of platforms for gambling who offer an opportunity to make stakes is constantly growing and Parimatch is one of the most used portals. Moreover, plenty of bookmakers provide Indian players with an opportunity to bet in their domestic currency – rupees, change the language of the website to Hindi and receive generous presents for deposits.

What is more, there are a significant number of benefits of gambling available for players from India:

  • a huge selection of diverse sporting events is presented. They may choose any kind of sport they want including the one they admire the most which are cricket.
  • adrenaline and positive emotions. Players may have a great time watching their favorite teams playing, placing bets on them, and cheering up for them.
  • comfort. Gamblers have an opportunity to make stakes online through a webpage or even an application. They do not have to go out in order to place a bet. All they need is a laptop or a smartphone that is connected to the Internet.
  • availability of diverse means of payment. Bookmakers usually have an immense variety of options for deposit among which the player may select the most appealing to them.
  • opportunity to win big in a short period of time. As practice shows, even one successful bet may bring a huge profit to a player.
  • easy for the beginners. Gambling is not complicated to understand for people who are new in this field. There is enough information available on the Internet that will help the beginning gamblers to familiarize themselves with the specification of betting and gain skills that will be necessary for them in the future. Therefore, the beginners may become experts in just a short period of time.

To conclude, gambling appeared in India a long time ago and now it is catching on again and will probably continue to attract even more players in the recent future.