How to increase restaurant footfalls

increase restaurant footfalls

Restaurants all over the world are still reeling under the challenges posed by Covid-19. As per the findings by National Restaurant Association, in 2020 the restaurant and foodservice sales for the entire year were $240 billion lower than expected levels. Let’s check how restaurant management software will help boost sales and bring your restaurant back to profits.

Key benefits of a restaurant management software

Understand the customer preferences –

It creates a lasting impression among customers when you reserve a table of their choice. Now your servers can recommend diners their favourite dishes. India’s leading digital restaurant management software Inresto POS offers you valuable insights on customer preferences.

Being your loyal diners back –

There should be a strong reason for your diners to make repeated visits to your restaurant. Attract your regular customers with a customised restaurant loyalty program. As per the 2020 Bond Loyalty Report, customers who enrolled on loyalty programs with high levels of personalization are 7.5 times more likely to recommend those brands to others.

Keep the program simple and easy to redeem points. Offer the option of instant redemption so that diners can utilise their loyalty points in the form of discounts. Notify your customers whenever they receive points.

Personalise your marketing campaigns –

Nowadays corporates bombard consumers with marketing communications. However, many of them fail to make an impact as the same marketing content is delivered across all customer segments. With the aid of restaurant management software, now you can easily identify your target segment and develop personalised content for each segment.

Also, it lets you run several targeted marketing campaigns simultaneously.

Marketing campaigns with personalised content help build a better rapport with your diners. Also with a single click, now you can send promotional messages to a huge audience.

Parting Words  

In the current scenario, restaurant management software is imperative to attract diners back to your establishment. Offering personalised service as per the preference of diners no doubt leads to happier customers. Moreover, customised loyalty programs and marketing communications help your restaurant stand out from the rest of the competitors.