What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?


For many people, like yourself, it’s a badge of honor to call themselves a Christian. But, lately, you’re questioning if that moniker suits you as well as you thought.

Christianity remains the most common religion in the United States despite a drop over the last decade. A 2018 survey showed that about 65% of Americans say they follow the Christian faith.

But, what does it mean to be a Christian? What are the qualities and values of the modern-day Christian faith? Keep reading to learn what it means to devote yourself to this popular religion.

What Would Jesus Do?

This phrase was first penned back in the 1800s by an American minister. Since then, it’s used as a mantra for Christians the world over!

The idea is to consider this question before everything you do. If you can say Jesus would do the same, then you live a good Christian lifestyle.

In Today’s World, What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?

In decades past, it was more taboo to miss church on a Sunday. But these days, it’s not as big of a deal to miss a Sunday or two.

The important thing is to make sure your heart reflects Jesus’ heart. That means any person of any age qualify as a good Christian if they follow Jesus’ teachings. Check out this page to learn more about Christian youth groups and what they do.

Key Truths for All Christians

It’s common for different congregations to have different understandings of the same Bible text. These are some of the key truths that all Christians share:

God Is the Creator

God created everything that exists. The heavens above to the earth’s core and everything between was his grand design!

Jesus Is the Savior

Jesus is the only son of God. He gave his life so that God could forgive the sin of man.

God Is Holy

God is free of all sin and evil. In turn, he expects mankind to be the same.

Mankind Carries Sin

Everyone sins at some point in their lives. No one is innocent of sin during the course of their whole life.

Sin Deserves Punishment

Changing your bad behavior isn’t enough. But, because of Jesus’ sacrifice, you no longer need to pay with your life. Now, repenting your sins is enough to wash it clean in God’s eyes.

The Key to Christianity Is Christ

Everyone has their own unique way of celebrating their faith. So, there are no strict rules about who is and is not Christian.

As long as you strive to behave and think as Jesus would, then you’re doing it right! Learn about his teachings and strive to live every day as Jesus would.

We hope you loved reading this article and that you no longer need to ask questions like “what does it mean to be a Christian?” For more fascinating articles about culture, art, entertainment, and much more, check out the rest of our blog today!