8 Tips To Maintain A Lawn Mown Well

Lawn Mown

Homeowners and landscapers use lawnmowers regularly. Whether you’re a landscaping pro or a weekend warrior, routine lawn mower maintenance is essential to keep the machine working smoothly and extend its life. Maintaining a lawn mower, particularly its engine, regularly will extend its life and ensure that it performs at its best throughout the season.

You may either tune up your lawnmower yourself by ordering Briggs and Stratton parts online or contact a professional service. In any case, lawn mower maintenance should be performed at least once a year and takes only a few hours to complete. The following maintenance methods will help a mower last longer. These precautions will also assist owners in avoiding more costly lawn mower repair operations in the future.

Fuel Stabilisation

Fuel that has been sitting in a mower for a long time can clog a carburettor. A person can avoid this by using a lawnmower frequently during the mowing season. However, if a person does not use a mower for more than 30 days at a period, it will require a fuel stabiliser.

Replace The Oil

Changing the oil in a lawn mower’s engine enhances its life. The engine’s moving elements are prone to friction, which generates heat. Parts will eventually break down due to the heat; thus, one must regularly lubricate them with oil. Engine performance, lubrication, and fuel economy will all benefit from using high-grade oil.

Invest In A Dependable Battery

One can improve the effectiveness of lawn equipment by using a freshly charged battery. To power its lights, sensors, blades, starter, and coil, a mower requires a particular amount of volts. You can easily order batteries and other Briggs and Stratton parts online to keep the mower running for a long time.

Maintain A Clean Deck

To avoid rust buildup, keep the area beneath the mower deck clean of grass clippings. It’s OK to use water, but one must remember to wipe the deck clean after rinsing the mower. To avoid future buildup on and under the deck, some individuals also apply a silicone spray.

Replace The Spark Plugs

When it comes to fuel combustion, spark plugs are crucial in any engine. Without the correct quantity of electricity from the spark plug, an engine will not start. Also, when replacing spark plugs, it’s usually a good idea to consult the owner’s manual.

Sharpen The Blades

When it comes to cutting grass, mower blades are crucial. It’s important to remember to keep blades sharpened and balanced at all times. When the blades on a mower become dull, the motor needs to work harder to turn them. If you have fast-growing grass that necessitates frequent mowing, you should sharpen your blades frequently.

Examine The Air Filter

Cleaning the air filter ensures that the engine receives the right amount of air to achieve the best fuel-to-air ratio for optimum combustion. Always clean the filter with a mild detergent or replace it with a new one if it is too worn to clean.

Check Tire Pressure

If one or more tires on a mower have low tire pressure, the deck will cut the grass unevenly. The difference between a smooth mower ride and a choppy one is tire pressure. Check the air pressure and tire condition regularly.

Carefully follow all manufacturer’s directions for routine repair in the lawnmower service handbook. Following the service manual and these instructions will help you keep your lawnmower in good working order for many years.