9 Unique Stones for Engagement Rings

Stones for Engagement Rings

Finding the best engagement ring is quite a daunting task. Picking out something unique and gorgeous is everyone’s goal, but not many succeed.

With raw stone engagement rings, multiple bands to choose from, and unique gems, there are innumerable options in the market. Use this stone guide to pick the best custom engagement rings in Brisbane and have the ideal fairy tale proposal!

With unique gemstones, choosing a complementary band is essential. For custom rings or while looking at different options, don’t forget the guide.


Diamonds are the go-to stone for every engagement ring. Fret not because this does not make an engagement ring boring or typical. Choosing specific cuts like the marquis, princess, pear, or heart gives the engagement ring a special touch.

Diamonds work well with all bands. Silver and Platinum bands suit cool tones, while gold works best for warm skin tones.

Lapis Lazuli

This bright blue coloured stone complements blue eyes perfectly. Lapis has a celestial blue shade that symbolises royalty, honour, and spirituality. Australia is known for its beaches, and such a ring is perfect for beach-loving couples. Platinum and silver bands work best for Lapis.


These lightly blue-tinted gems are not only gorgeous but also give one’s engagement ring a fairy vibe. Its icy tone complements cool skin tones very well, and it sparkles just as bright as a diamond.

It symbolises clarity, tranquillity and harmony, and these qualities define the best relationship.

Silver and Platinum bands complement the gem.


Garnet is a deep blood-coloured stone that is rich in depth and colour. It resembles pomegranate seeds and rarely goes unnoticed. Legend dictates that garnet stones keep their bearer safe from harm and accidents as well. Red is associated with love, and a deeper shade symbolises greater love.

Dark-themed weddings are all the rage, and these engagement rings are perfect for one. This gemstone is compatible with all bands.


Moonstone is a pearly white crystal that gets its milky luminescence because of scattered feldspar reflecting light. It symbolises hope, new beginnings and abundance, and it resembles fairy blood as depicted in many books. In addition, it also helps in healing by quelling stress and anxiety. Platinum and Silver bands work best with the crystal as well.


This lightly pink shaded gem stands for femininity and love. Its brilliance is comparable to a diamond’s and will complement warm and cool skin tones alike. It works well with gold, silver, and platinum, making it one of the most versatile gems.


Emeralds are deep-green and make for rich and sparkly jewellery. They symbolise hope and growth, making them a perfect symbol for personal growth in a relationship. They work well with all engagement bands but are best when set in gold.


If emeralds are too green for one’s taste, peridot is the best alternative. This beautiful lime-green gem perfectly complements green eyes as well. It is unique as it only occurs in one hue and is said to carry magical healing properties for its bearer.

They work best with silver and platinum bands but stand out when set in gold as well.

Black Diamonds

Dark-themed weddings are underrated, and finding appropriate jewellery for the same can be difficult. Many engagement rings in Brisbane use diamonds, and this includes black diamonds. Black diamonds are relatively opaque and yet carry the same sparkle. They work well with all bands but are best set in silver or platinum to maintain the theme.